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Star Wars Toy Reviews and Collectibles

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, an adventure began that captured the hearts and minds of those who dared to join the rebellion. Whether you're a long-time collector or want to introduce the next generation to the ways of The Force, there is a toy or collectible for everyone.

Between the action figures and lightsabers or LEGO starships and plush Wookies, you need a guide to help navigate this realm. Although you may not have 'The Force' with you, you do have TTPM's toy reviews to help you find the best ones to match your 'midichlorian' levels.

Click on any of the images below to discover a complete and honest video review. Watch as our toy and collectibles experts cover the quality, features, durability and perceived value of each toy. If it looks like it is right for you, look to the dark... We mean the right side and find where it is available and at what price with our comparison tool. With TTPM's Star Wars toy reviews, you won't need to use the 'force' to find the best options for that special Sith or junior Jedi.

Star Wars Grogu Bubble Machine

Star Wars Grogu Bubble Machine

from Little Kids, Inc. $14.99

How to Buy the Right Star Wars Gifts:

Ever since a droid named C-3PO first asked 'Did you hear that?' in 1977, people have been fascinated by the intergalactic odyssey of the Star Wars universe. Over the years, millions of toys have been manufactured including more than 2,500 unique action figures and countless playsets, role play toys, costumes and novelty items.

The Young Padawan

(Star Wars toys for ages 4-9 years)

Young children, around 4 years and up, just being introduced to the ways of the force are extremely active and enthusiastic. As they begin their Jedi training, they'll likely enjoy toys that allow them to act out the battles of the Dark Side vs the Light Side.

Whether pretending to be Rogue One's Jyn and Diego, trying to smuggle the Deathstar access codes to the rebels or having the ultimate Sith vs Jedi showdown, role-play toys are a lot of fun. Costumes and especially lightsabers with realistic lights and sounds can provide them with hours of action packed entertainment. Just like avoiding Darth Vader's force choke, make sure there aren't any small parts that can be potential choking hazards.

Playing with basic action figures and plush characters designed for young children, they can imagine themselves in the story and continue the narrative through play. Just because these toys are created for beginner play doesn't mean that you must sacrifice on durability or aesthetics. There are action figures, starships, and droids built tough enough to withstand repeat play and also have outstanding likeness to their live-action inspirations.


(Star Wars toys for 10-16 years)

Older children, approximately 10 years and older, may not play as actively as they used to. At this age range, they may want to start displaying their collections. Some great options for this age are building sets, poseable action figures, model spacecrafts, and beginning level robotics.

LEGO Star Wars building sets like an AT-ST Walker or a rebel U-Wing Fighter, are perfect for creative play. After building, your child can display their masterpieces to show off their hard work and be able to add to it and continue their epic adventures later.

Radio control AT-ATs and droids are another way for kids at this age to enjoy an interactive experience. Either through operating their favorite droid or having pod races with their friends, the adventures will be in the palm of their hands. You'll want to be sure that you're not giving them an R/C toy that is too advanced for their skill level so that they'll get the most enjoyment out of it.

Jedi Master

(Star Wars collectibles and toys for teens and adults)

Once you've mastered the ways of the 'force', the only thing left to do is let everyone around you know just how high your midichlorian levels are, through an epic collection that even the toughest Sith Lord would be envious of. But how do you find the perfect collectibles to add to your 'Empire'?

A few questions to help you get started on your 'intergalactic quest' are:

  • · Is the collection for financial or nostalgic purposes? Toys like a Millennium Falcon from your childhood that may not be in perfect condition will be more valuable to a sentimental buyer. Someone who considers the financial value, will wants their items to be in mint condition and the rarer they are, the better.
  • · Where will all of these items be displayed? If you're looking for something to go into a curio cabinet, you'll want to find smaller items. For a larger space or maybe even a dedicated room, bigger displays such as large-scale models and busts of characters like Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia, might be just the thing to take a collection to the next level. (We're particularly fond of the Han Solo in Carbonite life size collectible we've seen in some extensive collections.)
  • · What characters and plotlines are their favorite? Knowing what part of the Star Wars universe inspires the most enjoyment out of the series is likely to be more treasured. For example, rounding out someone's collection of everything relating to Kylo Ren with a beautifully crafted version of his crossguard lightsaber will become a cherished jewel of their collection.

With a vast variety of Star Wars collectibles to choose from, ranging from quirky 'novelty' items to high-end busts, lightsabers, detailed spacecrafts, rare figurines, and so much more, there is no limit to the treasures that can be collected. Finding the best ones to be prominently displayed and passed down from one generation to the next is made easier with the toy reviews above.

A Generation of Leaders

One thing that this cinematic universe has consistently produced, is generations of young dreamers. Inspiring young men and women to see the power within themselves through its strong, independent, and spirited characters. Through play, you can introduce kids of all ages to the ways of the force. Choosing the right toys can help them discover the strength within themselves.

Star Wars action figures, costumes, and other role-play toys will help set young dreamers on their path to either the dark or light side. To figure out what to give them, consider their own personality to discover which characters they can relate to most. Someone with an independent spirit that likes to help other but is unsure of how to do it, might be inspired by Luke and Rey. If you already have a future leader on your hands, characters like Senator Amidala and her daughter Leia, may inspire them to become a person that people can admire and emulate. Powerful fighters like Obi Wan and Darth Vader himself, can be the perfect for someone who wants to explore both the light and the dark side and all its power.

Once you've determined the characters that you're looking for, the next thing to think about is their particular style of play. Costumes are excellent for natural performers. From children's outfits and accessories to adult cosplayers, people who like to imagine themselves in the story, will love role-play toys.

Life-like action figures are perfect for boys and girls that enjoy recreating iconic scenes or want to take the narrative a step further. While playing with realistic looking dolls, action figures, and vehicles, they will use the unlimited power of their own imagination.

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