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Wonder Woman Toy Reviews

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The new movie based on the character of Wonder Woman tells her origin story in an exciting epic. Kids inspired by this amazing tale will want to bring it to life in their play. That's where we come in because we show you all the hot toys based on the movie.

This classic character and big screen movie event will have kids eager to take on their own challenges with action figures, role play and much more. We've reviewed and collected all the coolest new products based on the movie. To see more, click on any of the products below. You'll see a complete video review of the toy and find out all you need to know. When you make TTPM reviews your first stop when you're shopping, you can use them to build your collection.

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Wonder Woman and Empowering Play for Girls

Since she was first introduced in 1941, Wonder Woman has had many origin stories. Some were inspired by Greek myths, others by interplanetary developments and some with her among the female warriors known as the Amazons. You can pretty much take your pick, though the new movie pretty much relies on the Amazonian tale.

There's even a new storyline for Wonder Woman, imagining her as a teenager in the DC Super Hero Girls, where she's an almost-ordinary teen learning to harness her super powers in concert with such peers as Batgirl, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Starfire and others.

What all these have in common is that however she arrived on the scene, Wonder Woman is no one to be trifled with, and she is the very exemplar of a powerful, independent woman in control of much of her own fate and more than capable of competing in a world of warriors dominated by men.

Naturally, this has inspired a lot of play among girls as they see themselves as powerful. The DC Super Hero Girls mentioned above have helped make this kind of role play accessible to even the youngest kids, but the growth of action toys targeting girls has boomed in the early 2000's. Lines like Nerf Rebelle have had empowerment as a central play feature, and heroines like Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games have become iconic representations of powerful women.

Yet, as these stars and role models have emerged, it's worth a moment to consider that boys and girls do approach action figure play differently and in ways that are defined along gender lines. These are not absolute, as it's increasingly accepted that gender isn't an absolute, but the fact of the matter is that boys and girls play differently. Most parents who have observed their kids of different genders will agree, as will educators and psychologists. When the theme is power and conflict—as it is with Wonder Woman or pretty much an action figure narrative boys tend to feel they've "won" when they've destroyed the other side. Girls, on the other hand still want to save the day and aren't afraid to use power to do it, but they are more likely to consider they've won when they've converted bad guys to good guys. The emotions—feelings of validation, empowerment and confidence, to name a few—are identical. How kids get there is different.

Wonder Woman is perfectly positioned to take advantage of that for today's kids and today's world in which kids are more likely to engage in gender expression that is reflective of their individuality, rather than proscribed roles. In play, that frees the imagination, and that's as powerful as Wonder Woman herself.

To get started playing, scroll back up and take a look at all the great toys coming out for the Wonder Woman movie, and start shopping.

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