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Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Toy Reviews

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Everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has a new movie, Spider-Man Homecoming. Picking up the story right after Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker is off on another action-packed adventure to save the world, and manage high school.

Fans of Spider-Man will find the toys that let them bring the action to life. From action figures to outstanding role play, we've got them all. To see more, click on any of the products below. You'll see a complete video review of the toy and find out all you need to know. When you make TTPM reviews your first stop when you're shopping, you know you won't get a lemon, so you can always know when to shift the fun into maximum torque.

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5 Minute Marvel

5 Minute Marvel

from Spin Master $29.95

Spider-Man Fleece Throw

Spider-Man Fleece Throw

from shopDisney $24.95

Why Spider-Man is Classic Fun

Spider-Man first showed up in Marvel comics in 1962, and he was an instant hit! In fact, Spidey was the first teenage superhero. He was a hit from day one, and less than a year after he first hit comic pages, he got his own dedicated comics, and it's just been hit after hit since then. In 1967, the first Spider-Man cartoon hit TV.

But it wouldn't be until 2002 that Spider-Man would hit the big screen, played first by Tobey Maguire and later by Andrew Garfield. For Spider-Man Homecoming, though Spider-Man is being played and shown as a real teenager, with Tom Holland reprising the role he originated in Captain America: Civil War.

Almost from his first appearance, Spider-Man toys have been huge hits. Kids responded to the story of how a spider bite transformed an ordinary kid into a superhero. This, of course, is classic play, as an unlikely hero gets powers that allow him to exceed his usual, human limitations. Plus, the idea of swinging on a web has always been pretty cool.

Humor is one of the other components of Spider-Man that makes him a unique superhero. His often sarcastic wit and irreverent point of view is appealing to kids, particularly younger kids who are just discovering their senses of humor. It's not just Spidey who's funny, either. There's lots of humor baked into the villains like Doc Octopus and, making his screen debut in Spider-Man Homecoming, the classic nemesis Vulture.

At the same time, however, Peter Parker (Spider-Man's alter ego) is still an ordinary teen struggling with all the various things that kids that age struggle with from homework to social situations to sometimes getting in over his head. That's part of what has made this character so consistently relatable.

With toys, kids love to express their own versions of those issues through their play. So, you'll have new toys for kids such as Tech Suit Spider-Man that inspire imaginative, narrative-based play.

Grown up fans can play, too. Jada's line of die-cast collectibles include Spider-Man and other characters as well.

He may have been around for more than five decades, but given his classic appeal, it's a safe bet that Spider-Man will keep swinging for many years to come.

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