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The Fast and the Furious Movie Toy Reviews

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They're the ultimate car capers and full of excitement that inspires a lot of creative play. The eight movies (so far) in The Fast and the Furious series are all about amazing cars doing incredible stunts. Kids love the action and adventure, and they love the toys inspired by these films.

Fans of the movies' characters and fans of toy cars will find everything to get their creative motors running at high gear here. We've got all the toys based on these movies. To see more, click on any of the products below. You'll see a complete video review of the toy and find out all you need to know. When you make TTPM reviews your first stop when you're shopping, you know you won't get a lemon, so you can always know when to shift the fun into maximum torque.

And you don't need a license to find the best deals. TTPM shows you at a glance where the toys you want are in stock at top retailers and you'll find the best price with our exclusive TTPM Price Check.

More about The Fast and The Furious Toy Cars

The list of the cars that appear in the Fast and Furious movies reads like a car collector's dream. Among the most popular that have been turned into toys are Dom's 1970 Dodge Charger and Brian's Nissan GT-R.

And you'll find cars from companies like Jada that specialize in great value and great design with a wide collection of the cars. Not to be outdone Hot Wheels also has some dramatic offerings combining great design and the kind of performance that kids love. Whether they're for play or collecting, kids of all ages love the movies and the cars.

The premiere of The Fate of the Furious also known as Fast and Furious 8 introduces a whole new line of toys. It's also inspired toymakers to create new sets and new collectibles. From boxed set scale models of some of the most iconic cars in the series to dramatic track sets that let kids come (somewhat) close to replicating the jaw-dropping stunts that they see in the movies; this is all about ultimate excitement.

The movies play an important role in fostering imaginative play for today's kids. The late 1960s and 1970s were the heyday of the high performance muscle cars. Kids regularly saw them on the streets, and they inspired toy cars. Today, the cars kids see on their cities' streets are usually a lot less dramatic, and "car culture" isn't what it used to be. So, when a movie series like The Fast and the Furious comes along, it reminds kids of the thrills and romance of high performance cars. From their sleek looks to their outrageous abilities, these cars fuel imaginations as kids picture themselves as heroes (or villains) and immerse themselves in the thrills of the stories. So, we can thank these films for keeping classic racing, bashing, crashing and totally awesome car play engaging and relevant for today's kids.

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