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Power Rangers Toy Reviews

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Kids love pretending to be the Power Rangers. These iconic heroes have been inspiring all kinds of creative play for two generations of active kids. Whether on television shows or in major motion pictures, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers combine classic adventure and superhero play with super cool toys designed for their many fans.

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Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Power Rangers Beast Morphers

from Hasbro $29.99

Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Power Rangers Beast Morphers

from Hasbro $29.99

Power Rangers Mash'Ems

Power Rangers Mash'Ems

from Basic Fun! $2.99

More about The Power Rangers

For more than 25 years, kids have loved the Power Rangers. It's the perfect make-believe play for kids with active imaginations. After all, what kid doesn't love to pretend they're all powerful?

The dynamic toy lines let kids pretend to be each of the Rangers through excellent roleplay toys and costumes, or bring the whole world of the Power Rangers to life with action figures, Zords and a whole collection of new and classic toys. Plus, you can find toys to fit every budget and interest.

Over the years there have been 24 seasons of Power Rangers TV shows, 4 theatrical movies and many sets of Power Rangers movie toys. And while things change with the Rangers in terms of themes and Zords and threats to the world, some things stay the same. In fact, the character Rita Repulsa and the monster Goldar who are featured in the 2017 Power Rangers movie were in the very first season of the TV show that aired in 1993.

The American version of Power Rangers was adapted from the Japanese series Super Sentai. Many of the action sequences are used, but the live action sequences featuring the Rangers as regular teens have been recreated for the U.S. television audiences.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel is the new TV series that premieres in 2017. The Power Rangers must protect the Spirit Crystal and must master the Zords and throwing stars all made of Ninja Steel to protect the world.

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