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Power Rangers Movie Toy Reviews

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Big screen adventure feature Rangers, Zords and evil characters they have to battle in their never-ending battle to save the world. And we mean never ending!

To find the Power Rangers movie toys that will inspire play and keep kids engaged and excited, click on any of the products below. You'll see a complete video review of the toy and find out all you need to know. When you make TTPM reviews your first stop when you're shopping, you can see the real deal on toys, so you can always know you're making the right choice.

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Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Power Rangers Beast Morphers

from Hasbro $29.99

Power Rangers Pink Ranger Bear

Power Rangers Pink Ranger Bear

from Build-A-Bear Workshop $22.50

Power Rangers Red Ranger Bear

Power Rangers Red Ranger Bear

from Build-A-Bear Workshop $22.50

Power Rangers Facts & Trivia

The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers are no strangers to the big screen. The first movie featuring them in 1995 featured six rangers, tons of Zords and an egg that leaked ooze. Of course, the Rangers are always battling Rita Repulsa and her gang of villains. By the way, did you know that Rita started out as a Green Ranger who went bad?

In the latest movie, there are only five rangers. Which one isn't in the 2017 film? The White Ranger. But don't worry, you'll get plenty of White Ranger action in the ongoing TV series.

Each new generation of Power Rangers has to discover and then learn to use their powers. And it seems like no matter how adept they become at fighting the bad guys, they always come back for more.

In the latest movie, five new teenagers take on the mantle of saving the world. Outsiders and misfits in their small town, when they stumble on a hidden cave, they receive their powers, and their lives are never the same. They have to discover and learn to master their new and unique abilities. Under the training of the Rangers' Mentor Zordon, the original Red Ranger millions of years ago who now appears to mentor each new generation of Rangers through the Morphing Grid, they overcome all the odds (and their own doubts) to become the most powerful battlers of evil just when they're needed most.

Each new movie has inspired great toys that let kids bring the adventures to life as they pretend to be Power Rangers. From action figures to role play items to costumes and much more, the legends of the Power Rangers live on in the imaginations of their young fans.

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