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Beauty and the Beast Toy Reviews

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The love story between Belle and the Beast is one of the all-time classics. And Belle is one of the most beloved of all Disney Princesses.

Whether they're fans of the original animated movie or the live-action film, here's where you'll find all the Beauty and the Beast toys kids will love to inspire play. To discover the toys, click on any of the products below. You'll see a complete video review of the toy and find out all you need to know. When you make TTPM reviews your first stop when you're shopping, you can see the real deal on toys, so you can always know you're making the right choice.

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More about Beauty and the Beast

The original Beauty and the Beast was a French fairytale first published in 1740. The story has changed and evolved over time, and the most commonly known version today is the Disney re-telling of the story. In 1991, Disney premiered its animated version, and it was a huge success, and earned more than $425 million internationally in its first run. It's in more home video libraries than any other Disney movie, and more girls surveyed by TTPM cited Belle as their favorite princess than any other.

It's easy to see why. Belle was one of the first of the "modern" Disney heroines, a strong-willed, confident girl who undertook taming the beast through love and kindness. It has been one of Disney's most popular animated musicals of all time, and has inspired countless kids through its music and empowering story.

In 2017, the tale as old as time is being re-imagined as a live action movie starring Emma Watson as Belle and with much of the original score by Alan Menken and a lavish production design and a complete re-imagining of the enchanted characters—Lumiere, Horloge, Mrs. Potts, Chip, etc.

This story has fostered all kinds of wonderful toys over the years, including figures, dolls, collectibles and, of course, dress up as fans imagine themselves in Belle's world. After all, who doesn't want to believe that love has the power to transform any beast?

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