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The Powerpuff Girls (17)


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Powerpuff Girls Toy Reviews

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The city of Townsville is home to three very special young ladies, the PowerPuff Girls. These small superheroes aren't your average kindergarteners, they fight crime and protect the citizens from evil, all before bedtime. When your children play with PowerPuff Girls toys, they'll learn leadership skills with Blossom, how to always be respectful and kind with Bubbles, and how to stand their ground with fierce loyalty like Buttercup. But with so many toys to choose from, how do you know which is right for your little hero?

Browse through the selection of action figures, plush dolls, playsets, and more below. When you see one they may like, click on the image. Our comprehensive video reviews will help make sure it's a perfect match. Want an extra surprise? If you look to the right of the video review, you'll see where it is available at the best price. TTPM's price engine is like having your own super power so you don't have to break the bank like Mojo JoJo or Fuzzy.

More on the PowerPuff Girls

When Professor Utonium mixed together sugar, spice, everything nice, and spilled in the powerful chemical X, he created the Powerpuff Girls. This trio of superhuman kindergarteners devote their lives to keeping the city of Townsville safe. With the Powerpuff Girls toys above, your child can imagine themselves on their own super powered adventures with these pint-sized protectors.

The girls each have a unique trait that can help to inspire your children to always make the world around them better. Blossom is the leader and her toys will inspire confidence and problem solving skills for your kids. Bubbles will teach them to be kind no matter how horrible the foe is and Buttercup reminds them to always be tough, even when things look low. Each of the girls will help your child explore their inner strengths as they play with the toys and will reinforce that you need to work as a team.

From a doll that inspires imaginary adventures to riding toys which help lead your little ones into battle, these toys help children overcome the odds while always working as a team. No matter what type of play your child likes, there is a Powerpuff Girls toy that will keep them playing and engaged for hours.

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