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Trolls Toy Reviews

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Meet the Trolls. Princess Poppy and her best friends are here to introduce your child to a magical world filled with laughter, singing, hourly hug time, and tons of bright colorful hair. From action figurines and stuffed toys, to games and activities, there's no limit to the fun your little one will have playing with their free-spirited new friends. Whether they are planning a party, performing their favorite tunes, or figuring out ways to outsmart the Bergens, you'll love watching your mini-me using their imagination to create their own hair-raising adventures.

With the amount of characters and toy options for these classic characters, discovering the best Trolls for your child might be overwhelming. That's why we've created video reviews of Trolls toys to help you find the perfect ones for your kids. Choose any of the images below to see the toy in action while learning about the pros and cons. By using the filter options on the left, you can narrow down your search by age, price, or see what's new. With all of the great Troll toys to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one with TTPM on your side.

More About the Trolls

Troll dolls have been around since the late 1950s, and they've had many waves of popularity - even becoming a major fad for a while. These popular toys, once called Wishniks, keep showing up - to delight a new generation of kids. Whether they're the original ones from the Dam company, the revival from Russ Berrie or generic troll dolls, everyone seems to smile when they see them.

In 2016, Dreamworks and Hasbro introduced a whole new version of trolls with lots of cool characters, stories, and, of course, great music. Here's how this story goes:

Once upon a time, the Trolls lived in a tree where they would spend their days singing, dancing, and hugging. Until one day the Bergens, who were miserable ogre-like creatures, captured the Trolls. The Bergens thought that the only way that they could experience happiness was by eating a Troll and so they created a holiday known as Trollstice. On one particular Trollstice, the Trolls managed to escape and found freedom in the forest. Ever since that day, the Bergens have been hunting for them.

Just like your child, Princess Poppy doesn't let a little thing like Bergens get her down. With her friends the glittery Guy Diamond, hair-joined twins Satin and Chenille, Biggie, Cooper, and even reluctant Branch, any time is another chance for fun. While playing with these fun and friendly characters, your little one will be inspired to find ways to bring joy into their life and the lives of others around them.

As your child creates his or her own Troll Town with playsets, action figures, games, and more, they'll be engrossed in a world focused on finding the good in every situation and bringing happiness to those around them. These toys will keep them coming back for more over and over again. With so much fun to be had, there's no such thing as a bad hair day and even you will have that sunshine in your pocket and that good song in your feet.

So get in on the fun! Scroll back up and start shopping for these irresistible toys!

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