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Collectible Holiday Dolls

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For many fans and families, collectible holiday dolls are a valued tradition. They aren't just annual decorations, they are memories and heirlooms. These beloved objects come out once a year to enhance the holiday spirit and spark memories that continue to bond families for generations.

Barbie always has a special release and collecting the new Happy Holidays Barbie is a treasured tradition for many people. Not only are they in demand, but there's something special about seeing her re-appear as a new and festive figure that spreads holiday cheer to people of all ages and genders. But Barbie isn't the only collectible holiday doll to mark your seasonal celebrations. Holiday dolls come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From high-end porcelain models styled in their holiday best like Madame Alexander dolls to soft dolls like Mensch on a Bench that create holiday storytime traditions, there's bound to be one of these holiday collectibles that's right for you.

What makes these dolls unique is that unlike other collectibles, these are all about the memories. You buy them to commemorate the holiday, not because you think they'll appreciate in value. Use our video reviews below to find new dolls to add to a collection, or to start one. Also, don't forget to check out our weekly and daily toy giveaways to see when we may be listing this year's holiday dolls for your chance to win one free.

Holiday Barbie 2020

Holiday Barbie 2020

from Mattel $49.99

2018 Holiday Barbie

2018 Holiday Barbie

from Mattel $39.99

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