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My Little Pony Toy Reviews

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Your child is always welcome in a world where friendship is magic. Ponyville is a place where your little filly or gentlecolt can be appreciated for their unique personality and talents. So what's even better than watching the show? Having the action figures and My Little Pony toys that match! Watch as your kids bring the lessons they've learned into their real lives while having adventures with their new favorite friends, and we make finding the perfect toys easy.

Click on any of the ponytastic items below to discover which ones are right for your Cutie Mark Crusader. Learn all about each character's special talents and the pros and cons of each item by watching full video toy reviews. Not sure where to begin? Use the category sorter on the left to narrow your search by age, price, or see what's new and which toys are the most popular. With so many fun and friendly toys and accessories to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect ones for your little one.

Journey to Equestria

Equestria is a place where every pony is accepted for their virtues and their flaws. Your child can join Twilight Sparkle and her friends as they learn all about the value of friendship from Ponyville to Manehattan. My Little Pony teaches kids to look for the good in those around them and accept them for who they are. Your kiddo will be inspired to discover their own talents to fill their blank flank.

From unicorns and Pegasus, to earth ponies and Alicorn princesses, all are welcome in Ponyville. While learning about the Elements of Harmony, Twilight Sparkle discovered they were actually in the friends that she found along the way. With Apple Jack's honesty, Rainbow Dashes loyalty, Rarity's generosity, Flutter Shy's kindness, and Pinkie Pie's ability to use laughter to help her friends, every pony can learn to find the magic inside of themselves just like Twilight Sparkle.

Through play your child will be able to continue the adventures of the 'mane six' and their friends. They're sure to love discovering their own talents through the magic of friendship. With so much fun to be had from characters and playsets, to costumes and accessories, there's so much to inspire wholesome, narrative-based play!

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