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Batman Toy and Collectible Reviews

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'Holy toy selection, Batman!' When we're talking about Gotham's Caped Crusader, there are enough toys to fill any Batcave hundreds of times over. Here are collectibles, action figures, cars, video games, movies, room décor, electronics, and more to choose from. In fact, you might wish that there was a hero you can call on to help guide you in your search. That's why TTPM's video toy reviews are here to save the day.

We've made it our mission to give you all the information you need to find the perfect playthings for the would-be Caped Crusader in your life. Click on any of the images below to find out more about the item. The video reviews cover everything from quality and durability to functionality and how much enjoyment can be expected.

Once you've found the best crime-fighting tool for you, simply look to right of the video to see our price comparison tool. You'll discover where it's currently available for the best price. With the help of TTPM's Batman toy reviews, you won't have to ask 'where he got those wonderful toys'.

The Batman Turbo Boost Batmobile RC Car

The Batman Turbo Boost Batmobile RC Car

from Spin Master $39.99

The Batman Batmobile with Action Figure

The Batman Batmobile with Action Figure

from Spin Master $36.99

Batman All-Terrain Batmobile RC

Batman All-Terrain Batmobile RC

from Spin Master $49.99

Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcopter

Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcopter

from Fisher-Price $26.95

Imaginext DC Super Friends Slammers

Imaginext DC Super Friends Slammers

from Fisher-Price $7.99

Creature Chaos Batman Sets

Creature Chaos Batman Sets

from Spin Master $19.99

How To Know Which Batman Toys To Buy

When Gotham calls Batman is always ready to answer the call. With a vast selection of toys and collectibles inspired by the adventures of DC Comics' dark knight, you can bring the saga into your home. Whether you're a fan of the original comics, classic live-action or animated TV series, popular movies, or are introducing the next generation to this iconic superhero, there's something out there for you. So where does a Batman fan begin? Simple, look below to find our buying guide to Batman toys and collectibles.

There are a few things to consider when buying for different age ranges. Younger kids like larger toys that are easy for small hands and fingers to manipulate and play with. Older children can get into more complex figures, with more poseable joints for more active play, while teens and adults are likely to enjoy higher-end items and collectibles. They still love the toys, but older kids use them more for display. Here are some recommendations by age group.


For little caped crusaders, ease of play is the number one priority. It's important to make sure that you're providing them with larger, durable toys that don't have a lot of moving or small removable parts. Large building blocks like Lego Batman Duplo sets are a great option because they are made to fit in their hands and are also perfect for this stage of development. Action figures and roleplay toys are also wonderful for helping to bring the action to life for this age range. You may even want to consider so costumes as a way for them to really get into character. Large plastic vehicles without little pieces also make great options.

Younger kids tend to like the style of Batman that looks more like he does in the animation. This is a 'friendlier' Batman, and one kids can relate to. In fact, Batman is often the first superhero character kids are drawn to and love to play with.

Big Kids

LEGO Batman sets are always a blockbuster with big kids and even adult Batman fans. Buying toys with moveable parts and interaction are great for this group. You may even want to consider one of the many themed games or action and sports toys to help encourage social interactions.

These kids are also more likely to have seen the movies, so they may be drawn to the darker and more sophisticated versions of the character. Some kids who are really devoted fans will know the various different styles of Batman from the movies... and want to collect a lot of them.

Grown Ups and Adults

Buying Batman collectibles and toys for this group is more about emotional attachment and memory than traditional play. Think about which style of Batman they like. Is it the old Adam West or Michael Keaton or could it be newer options like The Dark Knight? From there, find collectibles and items that speak to them personally. Action figures and Batman LEGO sets are always a great choice if you're stuck on ideas. Seems like no fan ever outgrows those.

Now that you have some ideas on how to shop by age, you'll want to consider the category of toy. Batman toys come in a few main categories. Below you'll find each of them and by matching the information above with the one that is also their style of play, you'll be on your way to picking the perfect one in no time.

Action Figures

Action figures started out as toys, but as fans grew up and their fandom stayed strong, they became collectibles, too. More sophisticated manufacturing means that even a basic action figure can be highly detailed, which appeals to fans, while adding drama to play.

For kids, don't be surprised if they mix up all their heroes. In a child's world, Batman, Spider-Man and Darth Vader can all play together in an afternoon. What matters for kids is the imaginative play that action figures inspire.

Vehicles and RC

Who wouldn't want to ride in the Batmobile? Since not everyone is a billionaire vigilante, you can enjoy the next best thing with a model or remote-control option. Playing with vehicles inspired by the caped crusader himself, will provide hours of entertainment from chasing down villains in a high-speed chase to racing against Wonder Woman in her invisible jet. Whether you're looking for something with real lights and sounds or a radio-controlled Batwing to scour the skies for criminals with, there is a Batman vehicle toy right for your child's style of play. And you won't be surprised to hear that there are almost as many versions of the Batmobile and other Bat-vehicles as there are of Batman himself.


Help the action jump off of the page or screen and into life with exciting roleplay toys. When someone puts on that iconic mask and utility belt they will instinctively say 'I am Batman'. With the right costume pieces, weapons, and accessories, kids can put on plays and act out their own crime fighting stories.

LEGO Batman Sets

What do you get when you put one of the most popular building block toys together with The Dark Knight? You get a plethora of building sets inspired by comics, TV show, and movies. From the classic Batcave to sets inspired by the Lego Batman Movie, you can find a kit to suit any age and interest.


Whether it's nostalgia or a desire to invest in iconic superheroes and villains, collecting can be an extremely satisfying hobby. From classic toys to large scale models with life-like details, finding the right ones is made easier with honest toy reviews. You'll get a glimpse of every detail from a real person and toy expert instead of only seeing an online photo and hoping for the best.

Ready to shop for the best of Batman? Scroll back up to the top of this page and dive right in!

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