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Fashion Doll Reviews

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Fashion changes every season, but fashion doll play has been a staple of childhood for six decades. Every generation loves to explore and play with fashions. It feels so grown up and connected to the culture. So, it's probably no surprise that your fabulous, young fashionistas will love fashion dolls that reflect current trends - and are gorgeous ways to inspire imaginative play. From princesses to ponies and the original fashion doll herself, Barbie, there is a wide range of options to choose from. The video reviews below give you a full wardrobe of possibilities.

Click on any of the stylish dolls below to see TTPM's toy experts rate the runway appeal and play value of the dolls. You'll learn all about all the dolls themselves as well as the accessories and attachments, ease of play, whether there are any unfashionable attributes, and how much enjoyment your child can expect to have. If you're a bargainista, our price comparisons will help you get a delicious deal when you find the right one. With the help of the toy reviews below, you'll know that your picks are always in style and your tiny trend-setter will always be the star of the show.

LOL Surprise! World Travel Dolls

LOL Surprise! World Travel Dolls

from MGA Entertainment $10.99

Barbie Extra Dolls

Barbie Extra Dolls

from Mattel $24.99

Na! Na! Na! Surprise 3-in-1 Backpack Bedroom

Na! Na! Na! Surprise 3-in-1 Backpack Bedroom

from MGA Entertainment $39.99

How to Shop for Fashion Dolls

If your child has couture in mind, a fashion doll is a great way for them to express their unique sense of style. The clothes we wear can be an outward expression of a person's personality-on a doll as well as a grownup. Long before kids are shopping for their own clothes and developing a personal sense of style, fashion dolls let them play, explore and express their growing appreciation of fashion.

When you're looking for the perfect mini models for your child, you want to make sure that it will be age appropriate, and appeal to their personal tastes and style of play. But finding something with all of these qualities can be tricky, so we've 'designed' the following tips to help you shop for fashion dolls that your fashionista will love.

Pay attention to age grading on packages. Most fashion dolls are designed for ages 4 years and up, so that means kids that age are ready to play with many of the awesome accessories that let kids customize their dolls.

Providing your chic child with toys that are geared to their particular style of play can be a great way to encourage creative growth and self-expression. If your little one loves to dress their dolls for every occasion, they'll likely enjoy one with many clothing options to change into and accessories that is easy to undress and re-dress.

When picking out fashion dolls, many shoppers question whether to buy new outfits or a whole new doll. There are fewer and fewer separate outfits sold, so buying a whole new doll may be the way to go. However, kids can be encouraged to engage in fashion play and change up the outfits on their various dolls.

Finding dolls that reinforce kids' sense of themselves and growing identity is easier than ever. Once upon a time, fashion dolls were only about dress up. Today, fashion dolls are dressed for careers from doctors and computer engineers, to paleontologists and, of course, princesses. There are dolls to reflect a full range of a child's experience and the many different ways kids play. This is great, reinforcing play as kids imagine themselves in different roles.

For kids who are big fans of celebrities, there are often fashion dolls based on them. Pop, movie and TV stars - especially those that teens and tweens love - have often made appearances as fashion dolls, sporting some of their signature looks. These bridge the gap between fashion dolls and collectibles, but when a certain star is hot, these dolls can be hugely popular and big sellers.

For the kid who is more focused on makeup or hair artistry, a doll or styling head where the play focuses on experimenting with hair design and makeup rather than clothing is a great option. Recently, we've seen a lot of large versions of fashion dolls - 24 inches or more - that are easy for small hands to manage and can make a dramatic statement on the make-believe runway.

For all its fun and engagement, fashion doll play is important, too, for developing kids. They get to try out different looks, different personalities and scenarios, all in the context of creative play. You know your kids and what they're into, and TTPM makes it easy to find the fashion doll that will help them on the path to fun and creative self expression!

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