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Barbie Fashionistas Doll Reviews

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Since her beginnings as a fashion doll, Barbie has encouraged kids of all ages to dream about all the possibilities in life. With her fabulous fashions and accessories, more than 100 careers and starring parts in films, she is more than a doll. Barbie is an international cultural icon.

Barbie Fashionistas is an ever-expanding and dynamic line of dolls that put the focus on fashion. The dolls in this collection are regularly updated to reflect changing fashions and be very much of the moment. And it doesn't stop at her clothes. The Fashionistas' motto is that beauty comes in many forms. In 2016, Mattel added three new body types: curvy, petite and tall. And in 2017, Ken got a makeover too with different body types and a completely updated and totally on-trend wardrobe. With all of this choice, kids can find the Barbie and Ken dolls that appeal to them. By adding new body types like curvy, petite, and tall, Barbie and her friends are more diverse. The TTPM toy reviews you'll find below are here to help you find the perfect option for kids and collectors.

Click on any of the images to go to a detailed video review. You'll learn about each doll's unique style, the features and we even have price comparisons so you can find the best prices at your favorite retailers. Don't see the one you're looking for? No problem! Look to the left to find the category sorter. Narrow your search by price, see what's new, and find out which of the Fashionistas are the most popular right now. Finding the right one for your collection or your savvy stylist has never been easier.

Barbie Fashionistas - A Celebration of Style

When you think of classic style icons, of course you think of Barbie. She got her start in 1959 when Ruth Handler of Mattel created the first-ever dimensional fashion doll. (Before that most plastic dolls were baby dolls and any dolls with fashion were mostly paper dolls.)

Over the years, Barbie has grown and evolved into different careers, different roles and much more, always inspiring her fans to imagine all kinds of possibilities for themselves. In all of these incarnations, fashion has always played a big part.

That's where the Fashionistas collections come in. This is a special collection of dolls designed specifically to focus on the fashion aspect of Barbie. Mattel has turned loose some of the best designers in the business, and they've come up with a collection of dolls that reflect the wide range of fashions right out of the magazines and off the runways. From casual to elegant, there's a Fashionistas doll for virtually every mood.

One of the elements of the Fashionistas that's particularly relevant to today's kids and collectors is that as cool as the fashions are, the dolls themselves have different looks. There are four body types - traditional, petite, tall and curvy - and lots of different skin tones, eye colors, and hairstyles. Fans can purchase dolls that reflect them or their tastes and aspirations. For example one of the most popular of the first collection of the Fashionistas had a streak of blue hair. Fans loved her! Why? Because, at least according to many girls we talked to, they loved the blue hair... and their moms wouldn't let them have it. So, voila a doll that lets them express that creative part of their personalities.

And it's not just Barbie who's staying fashion forward. In 2017, Ken got a makeover, too. It was his first in many years, and there are new body types, skin tones, hair and, of course, cool clothes. (Hey, it can be hard to keep up with Barbie, but a guy's got to make an effort!)

Whether you're looking for a great doll for play or a gorgeous doll for display, you're sure to find a Fashionistas doll that fits the bill. Scroll up to start shopping, and check back because just like fashion in real-life, we get new Fashionistas with each season.

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