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Shopkins (112)
Star Wars (106)
None (65)
Disney Princess (42)
Tsum Tsum (40)
My Little Pony (37)
Just Play (28)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (25)
Marvel (24)
Num Noms (24)
Hot Wheels (22)
Transformers (21)
Littlest Pet Shop (19)
Batman V Superman (17)
The Trash Pack (16)
Minecraft (16)
Hatchimals (14)
Halo (13)
Peanuts (13)
amiibo (13)
Whiffer Sniffers (13)
Disney (12)
Nerf Super Soaker (12)
Squinkies (12)
Angry Birds (11)
Monster High (10)
Puppy in my Pocket (10)
Tamagotchi (10)
Ghostbusters (10)
Stackins (9)
L.O.L. Surprise! (9)
WWE (9)
Mr. Potato Head (9)
Chubby Puppies (9)
Game of Thrones (8)
Tech Deck (8)
Monopoly (8)
The Grossery Gang (8)
Shoulder Buddies (7)
Crashlings (7)
Planet Sock Monkey (6)
Kitty In My Pocket (6)
Gift 'Ems (6)
Spin Master (6)
Cabbage Patch Kids (6)
Spider-Man (6)
Care Bears (6)
Mattel (6)
Disney Infinity (6)
Kubros (6)
The Ugglys (6)
Call of Duty (6)
DC Comics Multiverse (5)
MGA Entertainment (5)
My Mini Mixie Q's (5)
Hasbro (5)
Aqua Force (5)
Roblox (5)
Marvel Super Heroes (5)
MLB (5)
SpongeBob SquarePants (5)
Fast & Furious (5)
Barbie (5)
Twozies (5)
Yo-kai Watch (5)
NFL (5)
Justice League Action (5)
Muppets (5)
How to Train Your Dragon 2 (5)
Marvel Superheroes (4)
My Mini MixieQ's (4)
Bungees (4)
Disney Tsum Tsum (4)
Wiffer Sniffers (4)
Hello Kitty (4)
Nintendo (4)
Godzilla (4)
Little Live Pets (4)
KAOS (4)
Moose Toys (4)
itty bittys (4)
DC Comics Super Heroes (4)
Guardians of the Galaxy (4)
Finding Dory (4)
Yahtzee (4)
Despicable Me (4)
Hipfits (4)
SpruKits (4)
Rubba Ducks (4)
Power Rangers (4)
The Smurfs (4)
Adventure Time (4)
Alex Toys (3)
Popples (3)
Charm U (3)
Tony Hawk (3)
Fungus Amungus (3)
Surprizamals (3)
Radz (3)
Beywarriors (3)
Strawberry Shortcake (3)
Crystal Surprise (3)
The Zelfs (3)
The Lion Guard (3)
Pokemon (3)
Assassin's Creed (3)
Snaptoys (3)
Thomas & Friends (3)
Disney Crossy Road (3)
Super Mario Bros. (3)
Safari Ltd. (3)
Matchbox (3)
Slip n Slide (3)
Grossery Gang (3)
Jungle In My Pocket (3)
Lalaloopsy (3)
Toy Story (3)
Zuru (3)
Green Toys (3)
Squinkies 'do Drops (3)
World's Smallest (3)
Zhu Zhu Pets (3)
Click-eez (3)
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Collectible Toy Reviews

showing 1 - 12 of 1231

If you invest in collectible toys, or simply want to relive a fun childhood memory; collectibles can spark imagination and sometimes spike in value. Our honest reviews of popular brands and collectibles will help you to learn what's changed since the previous model, if anything is new and also help you to determine if it is a toy that is worth keeping NRFB or something you can cherish, and then tear into for hours of fun.

Whether it's action figures, Strawberry shortcake or Star Wars, that G.I. Joe you looked up to while watching cartoons, or even the holiday Barbie that you dreamt would complete your collection; you need trustworthy opinions to help find the perfect piece to finish your set. Don't see a toy or brand reviewed? Use our contact form and we'll do our best to add it!



from Blip Toys $9.99

Power Rangers Mash'Ems

Power Rangers Mash'Ems

from Basic Fun $2.99

Hatchimals Colleggtibles Season 3

Hatchimals Colleggtibles Season 3

from Spin Master $9.99

Little Live Scruff-a-Luvs

Little Live Scruff-a-Luvs

from Moose Toys $19.99

Shopkins Mini Packs

Shopkins Mini Packs

from Moose Toys $10.49

Shopkins Happy Places Happy Stables

Shopkins Happy Places Happy Stables

from Moose Toys $14.99

Lock Stars Series 1

Lock Stars Series 1

from Hasbro $4.99

Finding The Best Collectible Toys

Kids—and people of all ages—collect things. It seems to be a natural human activity. When it comes to toys, those collections can include action figures, dolls, games, virtually anything that's been produced and to which people have an emotional attachment.

Collectibles have been popular for years. In the 1930s, there was a craze for collectible marbles. And of course there are baseball cards, which have a history dating back to around 1860. Multiple generations of fans continue to collect Matchbox cars, Hot Wheels cars, Barbie dolls and Madame Alexander Dolls. (According to Madame Alexander, their most passionate collectors have more than 4,000 dolls, requiring collectors to go so far as to build special rooms on their homes to make room for them all.) As the story goes, Pierre Omidyar created auction site eBay to find other Pez dispenser fans and people looking for other collectibles. collection. Collectibles have been used to sell everything from cigarettes to cereal over the years, but it's really only since the 1960s that toys were created specifically to be collected and as toy lines unto themselves.

Probably the biggest collectible craze most parents today will remember was the Beanie Babies from Ty Toys. More than $1 billion worth of those stuffed toys were sold, and they created a whole industry of magazines, collector clubs and more. People really went nuts over these toys, driving prices up to the thousands of dollars for some of the rarest, like Peanut the Blue Elephant, before prices came crashing down to earth.

The popularity of collectible toys tends to run in cycles, about every 8 years or so. In the late 1960's, a line of collectible stickers called Wacky Packages made fun (in the style of "Mad" magazine) of the consumer packages kids saw in stores. Garbage Pail Kids, also seen on stickers and trading cards, starting in 1985, were intended to be an antidote to the sweetness of the Cabbage Patch Kids. In 2002, kids everywhere were clamoring for Mighty Beanz, a version of plastic beans that had been around since the 1960s were known as "jumping beans" because they had a ball bearing inside them that allowed them to "walk" down an incline.

Over the past five years, a new boom in collectible toys has meant more fun than ever for kids. In 2016 alone, TTPM counted more than 30 different collectible lines! Shopkins, characters based on the products kids would find in the supermarket, were the hottest collectible toy from 2014-2017. These were spun off into the Grossery Gang, a collection of disgusting gross toys, based on what you might find in the dumpster behind a store, are still popular with kids. Kids couldn't get enough of these shopping collectibles. Littlest Pet Shop has always been popular with those who love their pets, and get ready for a whole new look for the line as new fans are discovering it for the first time. Disney's Tsum Tsum, stackable characters with a unique look, started as part of a video game in Japan and have become an international toy and collectible sensation, and Num Noms are another new line that has created a sensation with kids.

Another form of collectible that's currently hot with older kids and collectors are the type of figures known as "urban vinyl." These are usually artist created interpretations of characters that have a distinct look. Rather than recreating a specific character, the character is adapted to fit the artists' forms. Currently, Funko Vinyl Pop is the leader in the mass market versions of these toys, and they feature almost every hot icon from Darth Vader to Elsa to Game of Thrones. If it's part of pop culture, Funko is probably making a vinyl figure.

We are seeing more and more die-cast collectibles as well. Jada's Metals line of die cast collectibles include cars and favorite collections like Marvel, DC Comics, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters and many more.

We often get asked whether or not collectibles will increase in value. In today's market, probably not. Manufacturers make so many of them, and kids love to play with them. That's the intention, after all. Inevitably, the popularity of every collectible line runs its course, and you can watch once dizzying prices on eBay fall precipitously.

At TTPM, we make it easy for you to find the hot collectibles, and we also recommend that you buy these as toys, not investments. The pleasure kids will have playing with these and creating memories have so much more value than selling the toy down the road. At least, that's our play-centric opinion! Scroll back up to see the newest collectibles, and discover ones that your kids may love.

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