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Catnip Toy Reviews

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Does your crazy kitty love to turn your house into their toy box by playing with your shoes, the blinds, and even the house plants? A great way to treat your fun-loving feline to an entertaining good time, and save your valuables, is with catnip toys. The smell of catnip can induce a feeling of overwhelming euphoria in your cute kitty, which can be just as much fun for you to watch them experience.

If you see a toy below that you think your furry friend would enjoy, click on the image to see a full video review. Learn all about the pros and cons as you watch them in action. Use the category sorter on the left to help you narrow down your search as well. With a variety of fun cat toys to choose from.

Rowdy Raven

Rowdy Raven

from Petlinks $5.99

SmartyKat Lumber Mouse

SmartyKat Lumber Mouse

from Worldwise $3.99

Feline Frenzy Catnip Toys

Feline Frenzy Catnip Toys

from P.L.A.Y. $9.99

Senses 2.0 Grass Planter

Senses 2.0 Grass Planter

from Catit $23.99

Fugu Fish Cat Toy

Fugu Fish Cat Toy

from BeOneBreed $3.99

When your sweet fur baby shows you love with their head butts, snuggles, and loud purrs, you can return the favor by gifting them with a fun catnip toy. The oils found in catnip act as an artificial pheromone and have the potential to stimulate the sensory receptors in cats older than six months. This can induce an almost euphoric feeling.

Your cat's reaction to catnip can be really entertaining to watch. As they paw at, rub against, and roll around on it. Some kooky kitties will meow, growl, purr, drool, and even go into crazy cat mode as they dash around the house. But don't worry, the effects of the catnip only last for about 10 minutes and then your frisky feline won't be susceptible to it again for at least an hour or so.

Catnip can also be a great tool. Adding just a bit of the herb to a scratching post will help encourage them to use that instead of sofa legs for instance. It can also be used to help lazier kitties get up and get some much needed exercise. The best part is that even though catnip creates an altered state, it is not addictive or harmful to your fun-loving feline.

If your cat is one of the many that is susceptible to catnip, a toy scented with it can be the ultimate in feline fun. With refillable toys that look like animals or cartoon characters, ones that they can chase, and options that let you interact with them while they play, you and your furry friend will never run out of fun.

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