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Squeaker Toy Reviews

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Looking for squeak toys that are loud or built for outdoor play? Maybe it's something not quite so noisy for inside. Some of the most popular dog toys are also the ones that make noise. Your dogs enjoy these toys because they let them express their natural hunting instincts, while having fun. The trick is knowing which one is right for your furry friend and, since they can vary by squeakiness, to provide a great play experience for you and your pooch.

Look below to find something that your pup might enjoy playing with. When you click on the product image you'll be taken to our video review where you'll discover how loud it is, how durable and where puppy can play with it. By using the video reviews of the most popular squeaking toys for dogs, you'll be sure that poochie will be happy and the squeaking levels are within your comfort zone. It's a win-win!

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Dog Toy

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Dog Toy

from Allstar Innovations $14.99

West Paw Plush Squeaker Toys

West Paw Plush Squeaker Toys

from West Paw $16.95

Squeak 'n Treat Ninja Star

Squeak 'n Treat Ninja Star

from PetSafe $8.00

ZippyTuff Waggle Ball & LED Ball

ZippyTuff Waggle Ball & LED Ball

from ZippyPaws $7.00

Ricochet Electronic Dog Toys

Ricochet Electronic Dog Toys

from PetSafe $19.99

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaking Toys?

A good squeaker toy can keep your furry friend busy while allowing them to engage in their instinctual activity of hunting prey, like their non-domesticated ancestors. As your pup plays, he or she will learn to manipulate their toys by biting or pressing on them to get the desired squeaky result. Most dogs enjoy the chewing, and it's a healthy way for them to express some of their natural aggression. Finding options that are good for the specific occasion is the key. You can choose whether it's a toy that can also be used for different types of play outdoors, or is designed for more quiet, indoor play.

Knowing what your individual pooch likes and how they like to play is an important first step in the quest for the perfect squeaky toy. If your puppy pal loves to chew aggressively, you might be better off getting them a toy made from a durable material that is designed to be strong enough to not be torn to pieces, yet soft enough to not harm their mouth. Next consider where and when they'll be playing with it.

If you want something for indoor and family time, go with a quieter squeak. Our videos will help you to see firsthand how loud or soft the noise level is. Over time, you'll learn what type of toys your pup prefers and what his or her individual play style is. They do have specific preference and play styles, just as human kids do.

Whether your pooch gets joy from chasing and chewing on a rubbery squeaky ball or cuddling up with a plush sea creature, TTPM makes finding the squeak toy that keeps poochie playing and you happy easy as 1 — 2 — Squeak.

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