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Minions Toy Reviews

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Do you have a Minions fan in your home? Are you one? Then get ready for so many different ways to play with and enjoy these yellow masters of mayhem... the Minions. Kids of all ages can have fun being silly with this goggle wearing, overall clad crew as they try to take over the world. With action figures, plush dolls, crafts, and more to choose from it can be overwhelming looking for the perfect toy for your young'un. That's why TTPM is here to help with the toys reviews below.

Click on an image below to see a full video review and discover which toys will be perfect for your child's style of play. Don't know where to begin? You can use the category sorter on the left to narrow down your search by age, price, and you can even see which ones are the most popular right now. Once you've found something that your child will love, look to the right of the video to see where you can purchase it for the best price. With TTPM's Minions toy reviews to help you find the perfect option for your favorite trouble maker.

Making Merry with the Minions!

When the Minions where first introduced to the public as the loyal and lovable followers and friends of Gru in the first movie, Despicable Me, they stole the show. With their gibberish sounding language to their love of bananas, these little yellow guys inspire kids of all ages to find the fun in every situation. Children can relate to their adorable, mischievous nature, the fact that everything they touch seems to go wrong and virtually nothing can get in the way of their hilarious outlook on life. We don't care what age you are, it's almost impossible to look at these characters and not smile, which is what makes them the kind of friends that are always good to have on your side. That's why their toys are so much fun to play with.

There are Minions of virtually every style and price point for fans of all ages. Talking Minions in different sizes let kids as young as 2 bring these silly so-and-sos to life in their play. High tech versions are great for adult collectors, and then if you want to cuddle up to Bob, Stuart or Kevin, there are stuffed Minions in a wide variety of sizes. For kids who like to collect, there are even mini Minions. There are versions of classic games interpreted for the Minions. And don't forget construction sets, though the Minions themselves aren't so great at building things.

The comedy of the Minions is very classic. They've been around since the dawn of time and have always worked for the most evil people on Earth. Of course, they're not very helpful as they tend to make a mess of things. Little kids especially can relate to that.

We know a lot of adults who relate to them, too, and whether you're playing or collecting, you need a little yellow capsule-shaped hilarity in your life.

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