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Christmas Toy Reviews

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Have you been making a list and checking it twice, trying to figure out which toys are perfect for the naughty or nice? If you're looking for the hottest Christmas toys, TTPM is here to help. Below 'yule' find video reviews of the best-selling Christmas toy too make it easy for you to decide which toys will bring joy to your favorite holiday helper's world. But just like every good holiday surprise, it gets better.

Once you've found the right gift, look to the right of the video and you'll see which stores have it in stock and the price. This saves you time and money when both tend to be more important, especially during the holidays. When you have TTPM on your side, shopping for Christmas toys has never been easier.

Funko Holiday Card Games

Funko Holiday Card Games

from Funko $6.97

Christmas Squishmallows

Christmas Squishmallows

from Kellytoy $19.99

Some Tips on Selecting The Right Gift

Don't let the gift giving season stress you out and turn you into a Grinch. With so many amazing toys, games, and more to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Finding the perfect present doesn't have to mean buying the biggest and most expensive toys, it's about the right toy that is fun, reflects the unique interests and play style of the child and keeps him or her engaged. One of the reasons we at TTPM stress 'Repeat Play' in our reviews is that we know that toys kids keep coming back to have the most value. And value isn't measured in dollars and cents, or the size of a box under the tree.

Giving a gift, whether it's a beautiful baby doll or the latest and greatest technologically advanced gadget, is all about delighting the recipient. After all, that's part of what the holiday is about. If you're unsure where to start, you can consider the child's age. It may sound overly simple, but different types of things capture a child's interest at different stages of development. You'll find this with entertainment properties, too. Kids love Batman, for instance, but a preschooler playing with an Imaginext playset has a very different experience than a collector finding the latest action figure. And yet, they're both Batman.

Finding toys that reflect individual interests is important, too. Some kids like quiet play and detail intensive play such as construction sets. Others are more active and want blasters or toys that encourage running around. Older kids, too, love dolls, board games and arts and crafts. While there are many technologically advanced toys available today, at TTPM, we see that technology has simply made the toy box bigger. In other words, while they love taking a 'byte' out of a tech toy, classic play still has a powerful appeal to kids of all ages.

Don't forget the youngest members of the family, either. A newborn or infant will love toys that are made to entertain while encouraging fine and gross motor skills. Toys that teach language, and songs like a musical plush doll can be the perfect plaything to engage toddlers While a toddler might love a puzzle or age appropriate board game that will stimulate their young minds and satisfy their intense curiosity.

Above you'll find an assortment of classic favorites, little known gems, and the most popular toys this year. With so many to choose from you might feel like you could use a whole team of elves in your workshop, testing each and every one. That's exactly why we're here. With TTPM's toy reviews above, the most difficult part of gift giving will be wrapping all your great finds.

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