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Halloween Toy Reviews

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Halloween is a time for cool toys. Oh, we know, you're thinking mostly costumes and candy, but in addition to that there are cool toys, pumpkin carving kits and collectibles that lets you add a little fear factor to even the nicest room. If you're not sure which options are right for your mini-monsters, the video reviews below will help guide you to the right one.

We cover everything from durability and repeat play while helping you to see if it may be too scary for your little monsters. 'Haunting' through stores for Halloween toys that won't scare your ghouls and goblins is a thing of the past when you have TTPM on your side! We take the 'trick' out of toys so that they are always a 'treat' for your girls and boys.

Halloween Squishmallows

Halloween Squishmallows

from Kellytoy $19.99

It Dies With Me

It Dies With Me

from Breaking Games $25.00

Take Along Haunted House

Take Along Haunted House

from Playmobil $39.99

Stupid Deaths

Stupid Deaths

from University Games $24.99

Horror Trivia

Horror Trivia

from Endless Games $9.99

What To Know Before Buying Halloween Toys

Halloween has become more than a one-night celebration. It's almost become its own mini-season. So when the costumes are folded away and the candy has all been consumed, what's left? Why, toys of course.

Many families love to make a week or more out of their Halloween festivities, and we've got the toys to help them make the most fun.

You'll want to look for toys (and that includes games and craft sets, too) that are appropriate for kids with just the right fright level and entertaining enough so kids look forward to seeing them every year. Whether heading to a party, trick-or-treating, or trying to transform your home into a place for all the monsters to come do the mash, know the purpose of your spooktacular purchase is the first step.

For getting in the mood, you might pick a special story written just for the holiday. Or, you may want to decorate with classic characters like the Peanuts gang in figures from It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. These are the kinds of things that become memorable traditions for a family.

Here are some other things to think about when shopping for Halloween toys:

  • - Children too young to trick-or-treat can still join in the fun with cute costumed teddy bears and other plush characters.
  • - Creating a haunting house of horrors is easy with the perfect placement of eerie décor and toys to match the theme. Mad scientist labs and creepy candy creators are awesome ways to help set the mood and let your little ones join in the party planning.
  • - Entertaining with some ghoulish games will keep the frightful festivities going until the last werewolf howls. If you have a large group of party goers, choose games like Pictionary which can be played with large teams.

How scary can it get?

Since everyone has a different threshold for terror, it's crucial to know whether your ghastly gift will be well received or traumatize a tender soul. Finding the prefect frightening figures for a friend can make their morbid heart happy. While giving a kid-friendly monster for your little one to cuddle can be just the thing to comfort them through the night.

Kids under eight years old haven't fully learned the difference between a story and reality yet, so you want to be especially careful with younger kids when it comes to scary stuff. That said, once they start to understand the difference, many love a scary story. Pay attention to what your kids like, and give them a little control over how scary they want to be.

Our reviews above will let you see which children will find a specific Halloween toy most appropriate. You can also click through to view the packaging at the store website to see what the recommended age range is by the manufacturer if you want to be extra sure. There's nothing worse than seeing a treat turn into a trick, which is why we take extra care with our toy reviews.

Now that you know how to buy the perfect Halloween toy for your kids, scroll back up and find the perfect one to make this holiday frightfully fun!

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