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Baby Safety Gear Reviews

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Whether you're a first or fifth time parent, you know that safety always comes first. From baby-proofing inside the house to protecting your little ones when you're on the go, there's a wide selection of gear out there to choose from. With your baby's safety on the line, you need a trusted expert on your side and that is where TTPM is here to help.

What makes us experts? We review hundreds of baby products every year, and our reviewers have real, practical experience with the products to help you find the best in safety products for their little ones and with our price comparison chart, at the best prices.

Our goal is to help you learn all about the pros and cons of each item while watching our expert provide a comprehensive review. Simply click on any of the images below to see an honest run down of the item's construction, durability, effectiveness, easy-of-use and most importantly, safety. With the help of TTPM's baby safety gear reviews below, finding the perfect products to protect your progeny is a snap.

Dreambaby Retractable Gate

Dreambaby Retractable Gate

from Dreambaby Products $84.99

iBaby Care Monitor M2S Plus

iBaby Care Monitor M2S Plus

from iBaby Labs $129.95

iBaby Care Monitor M7

iBaby Care Monitor M7

from iBaby Labs $249.95

Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

from Project Nursery $149.99

Long-Range Baby Monitor

Long-Range Baby Monitor

from Panasonic $149.95

Baby Earmuffs

Baby Earmuffs

from Pro For Sho $17.45


5" Portable Video Baby Monitor

from Motorola $179.99

How to Shop For Safety Products for Babies

'Safety first' isn't just a motto, its a parenting must. During the first years of your baby's life, your main job is to make sure that they are happy, healthy, and protected from the dangers around them. The right safety gear is your best defense against all of the hazards that a curious kid can encounter in their first years.

Below you'll find a shopping guide and checklist to finding effective safety products for babies that meets both your baby's and your home's unique needs. So, let's get started.

First things first, baby products are manufactured to very high safety standards, so you know that long before we review them at TTPM, they've passed some of the most stringent product tests in the world. With that in mind, our goal is to help you find out which products are best for you. Are they easy to use? Are the directions clear? Will they fit into your lifestyle? There are so many different designs and recommended uses out there, we try to be as comprehensive as possible in our reviews, so you can make the right choice for you.

If you're having your first child, you'll want to baby-proof your home. So, we recommend thinking-or at least seeing-like a baby. Start by crawling around your house on your hands and knees and also try sliding around on your belly. From this angle you'll see what is within baby's reach and could potentially be a hazard.

Now make a list of each of these items. Then watch our safety gear reviews and determine which ones will meet your individual needs. To help you get started we have some common baby hazards listed below and how to address them.

  • · Electrical outlets - little fingers like to go into little holes so electrical outlet plugs are your best defense
  • · Doors and windows - curious kids like to wander, using knob covers and window locks will keep them safely inside
  • · Medicines, cleaning supplies, toiletries, heavy and breakable items... - keeping dangerous items out of reach is one of the most important safety requirements, but you can add an extra level of peace of mind with a variety of cabinet and drawer locks to choose from to suit your needs
  • · Sharp corners - kids are prone to bumping into things and a table corner can cause a lot of damage to their tiny bodies, so using corner guards can save their noggin and give you piece of mind when they're crawling around the room
  • · Falling furniture - young children tend to climb or grab onto whatever is around them, including shelving, dressers, and even TVs, anchoring your furniture and electronics will prevent injuries and property damage
  • · Stairs - keeping your little one from taking a tumble is as easy as blocking their path with the best baby gate for your situation
  • · Not in the line of sight - whether they're down for a nap or just playing in the next room, you can't keep your eyes on them all the time, but you can be sure that they're ok with a good monitor

Keeping your little one safe doesn't have to be stressful, and thanks to the baby safety gear reviews above by TTPM, you're sure to find the right gear and give you confidence that your home is truly a safe space for your precious baby.

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