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Blaster Toy Reviews

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With a barrage of foam pellets, soft darts, water, or even marshmallows, you and your kids can take aim at an action-packed afternoon (both indoors and out) with exciting blaster toys for the whole family. From classic NERF N-Strike styles for multiplayer action games to huggable poppers for mischievous munchkins, there's a toy to propel your family's play to the next level.

Browse through the arsenal of options below. When you see something that 'pops' out, take aim and click on the image to watch the blaster toy in action. You'll see how far it can blast, the strength and power to know if it is age appropriate and how easy it is for little hands or how quick it is for big ones to refill for more fun.

Whether you're looking for a toy to reenact your favorite Star Wars action scenes, or just want to get the kids off the couch for some outdoor exercise and fun, blasting off with blaster toys is always a great way to catapult your way to a good time.

Nerf Super Soaker RoboBlaster

Nerf Super Soaker RoboBlaster

from WowWee $29.99

Gelstorm Typhoon Blaster

Gelstorm Typhoon Blaster

from Gelstorm $79.99

Electronic Arcade Duck Gallery Game

Electronic Arcade Duck Gallery Game

from Merchant Ambassador $59.99

How to Pick the Perfect Blaster Toy for Your Family

When looking for the best blasters for your brood, it is important to keep a few things in mind when picking blaster toys. The guide below to buying blaster toys for your family will help alleviate any issues. From being age appropriate to how easy it is to refill, we're here to help you find the right ones so everyone can enjoy playing with blaster toys.

Is it age appropriate?

The age appropriateness of blaster toys is not just determined by design and size, it's also important to factor in ease of use. Simple shooters that are easy to load and use with little hands are going to be much more fun for younger kids, while teens and adults might prefer something more advanced.

Blaster Toy Recommendations by Age:

&bullet Toddlers - small, durable, bright colors, easy to load and fire are important. Squeeze poppers are perfect for this group.

• 5-7 years - Options that fit comfortably in tiny hands are key. Try options from BOOMco. Like Slamblast with target

• 8-11 years - Toys with multiple features, plenty of ammo and that are easy to play with while running around are important for this group. Try looking through brands like NERF N Strike, NERF Rebelle and Combow.

• 12 years, Teens and up - You'll want options that are loaded with fun features, designed for multiple players, could be built for rapid firing and of course plenty of ammo to provide extended play are great for this group. NERF Rival blasters in team colors are a great place to start.

Where will the blasters be used?

Where you play will help determine how you play and the types of blasters that can help create more fun. If it's winter and indoors, something with less power is good so you don't accidently hurt your home decor. If it's spring and you have an opened field or park, long range and easy to clean can be perfect.

Here are some features to look for based on indoor or outdoor blaster toys.


• soft ammo

• non-staining plastics

• Low distance launching when space is limited


•weather resistant ammo

• bright colors that are easy to find

water blasters and options that use colors on impact

How much space is there to play?

To keep playtime fun, make sure that the blasters and games fit the space and don't try to make the space fit the toy. To do this, consider a few factors. Launching distance, is it action and movement focused or is it target practice and stationary. By doing these you'll be able to help find something that keeps your kids entertained without having to find creative space solutions.

With so much time being spent glued to electronic devices, it's always a great idea to give your families brains a break and get everyone's bodies up and moving. That's where blaster toys for the whole family come into play. You can get outside for a game of capture the flag in the day or turn it into an all out battle for family dominance with some exciting laser tag at night. You can take aim with target practice and see whose the master marksman when it's raining or even have some laughs with novelty options like the Minions Fart Blasters.

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