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Building Block Set Reviews

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Do you have a budding builder in your home? You can nurture their architectural nature with building blocks of all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. But how do you know which set is right for your child?

Instead of hitting a brick wall trying to find the best set for your creative kiddo, the building block video reviews below help to answer any question from block sizes and age to safety and durability.

Browse through all of the construction toys below and click on anything that stands out to find the video. We've 'built' a 360'degree view to help make shopping easy. Watch our experts demonstrate their usage and discuss what ages and play styles will get the most enjoyment and whether it will have your kids coming back for more.

Green Town Charge & Go Bus

Green Town Charge & Go Bus

from MEGA Bloks $14.99

Go Go Blocks Go Go Movers and Critters

Go Go Blocks Go Go Movers and Critters

from Toys by People $19.99

Go Go Blocks Building Sets

Go Go Blocks Building Sets

from Toys by People $49.99

First Builders Jammy Stackers T-Rex

First Builders Jammy Stackers T-Rex

from MEGA Bloks $24.99

70 Piece Building Set

70 Piece Building Set

from Matador $59.99

How To Buy Building Blocks For Kids

Kids of all ages can have hours of fun building up towers or knocking them down. Construction play provides a creative outlet, may help to improve spatial awareness, introduces kids to engineering concepts, and with the right blocks they will have the tools they need to build adventures of their own design. So how do you know which building blocks and sets are the right ones for your creative constructor? The guide below will help.

Some criteria to take into consideration and help you narrow down your search are age and skill level, play pattern, durability, ease of use, and whether or not kids will come back to them again and again.

  • ·Age and skill level - Each stage of development is an important thing to consider when looking for any type of construction toy. Younger children don't yet have the dexterity - fine motor skills - to manipulate more advanced building toys, while older kids can become bored with simpler sets.

    In addition to ease of use, larger sizes are more appropriate for younger kids. Be sure to check recommended ages on packaging to see if something is right for your kid. Younger kids will go from random stacking to more intentional placement of blocks, so look for a variety of different sizes and shapes so kids can be really creative as they play.

  • · Ease of use - Finding a toy that is age appropriate doesn't always mean that it will be easy for your child to manipulate. Blocks that are comfortable in tiny hands, simple to control, and don't require too much strength to connect are perfect for smaller children to use and will be less frustrating and are likely to be more fun for them

    As kids get older and develop more fine muscle control and get stronger, they might enjoy building with toys that require a bit more effort. If your child likes to have a blueprint to follow, a building set with easy-to-follow instructions might be just what they need. For other kids, open-ended play may be more their way of playing, and virtually any block fills the bill in that regard. You can also combine blocks with accessories like brick tapes that let them build while their blocks defy gravity.

  • · Durability - No one wants toys that fall apart or deteriorate. Knowing how tough your construction toys are and just how much they can take before they're no longer useable or fun leads directly into the next point of interest.

  • ·Repeat play - You want to provide your future Frank Lloyd Wright with something that they can enjoy over and over again. Whether they love to build, demolish, and rebuild or construct a masterpiece to admire and add on to, finding something that appeals to their particular type of play is the best way to ensure that they'll appreciate their toy 'repeatedly'.
  • · Play pattern - Knowing how your little one likes to play and what kind of structures they love to create will give you a better idea of the type of blocks to get them. Another thing to take into consideration is where their construction site will be. If they have a large space and want to build a fort that they can climb into, large blocks are your best bet. While smaller blocks are preferred for miniature sets can be the right choice.
    • With the help of TTPM's toy experts and their video reviews, you'll be sure to find the best blocks that your creative constructor will love.

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