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Painting Toy Reviews

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Do you have a pint-sized Picasso in your house? Supplying your mini masterpiece makers with the tools they need to create a gallery wall full of masterpieces with age appropriate paint kits, supplies, travel sets, and other necessities can be tricky. That's where our toy reviews of paints for kids come into 'play'.

When you click on an image below, the video review will let you see it in action. You'll get a full overview of the item, including what ages it's appropriate for, how messy it can be, whether it's washable, and what the products are made of. But let's face it, painting toys need replacement parts which can be expensive. We've got you covered there too.

Look to the right of the review and you'll find which stores carry the toy and accessories and since we update our price checker daily, you find each of the paint toys at the best price helping you to save. Shopping for arts & crafts toys like painting kids for kids has never been easier.

Little Tikes 3-in-1 Paint 'n Play Backyard Easel

Little Tikes 3-in-1 Paint 'n Play Backyard Easel

from MGA Entertainment $59.99

Shadow Painting Kit Fabulous Flowers

Shadow Painting Kit Fabulous Flowers

from $19.99

Bath Tub Mini Paint Set

Bath Tub Mini Paint Set

from Crayola $4.97

Art Lab Pouring Art Studio

Art Lab Pouring Art Studio

from Canal Toys $34.99

Acrylic Paint Set

Acrylic Paint Set

from XinBowen $39.99

Paint Your Own Squishy Little Bunny

Paint Your Own Squishy Little Bunny

from Doodle Hog $10.99

STEAM Space Science Kit

STEAM Space Science Kit

from Crayola $19.99

How to Shop for Paint Toys for Kids

Painting isn't just a colorful craft, it's self-expression and the best way to help your mini Monet create masterpieces is to supply them with the best paints, supplies, and accessories. But where do you begin? Three factors to consider are your child's age and skill level, their personal style, and how or where they'll be making their masterworks.

Age and Skill Level

There are a few reasons that these are important factors. Finding age appropriate paints and supplies are a way to make sure that they're getting items that are safe and encourage their developmental growth. Younger children can benefit from painting both physically and mentally. By using brushes, sponges, stampers, and even their own fingers, they could be learning shapes and colors while improving their fine motor skills. Finger paints, floor pads, and sponges and brushes made for their tiny hands are perfect for the toddler stages.

As children grow and learn to manipulate the brushes and you're less worried about things going into their mouth, you can move on to more advanced products. As their skill level improves, they will not only discover and build on their talent, they'll be growing mentally and emotionally. Critical thinking and decision making can improve, as well as their ability to focus and complete tasks. Providing them with more advanced paints including watercolor and acrylics along with the brushes that require more dexterity are great for encouraging you burgeoning Botticelli.

Personal Style

Creating any kind of art especially painting is a great way for your little one to find out what their personal style is. There's a wide range of kits and tools out there. From children's painting sets that you can take on the go, to pages where all you need is a little water and a brush or Q-tip, to decorating items like ceramics, wooden structures, and even rock, matching the toy to their style is key to finding a good painting toy. If they tend to have multiple styles or haven't found their right match yet, you can always help encourage your diminutive Dali discover one on their with an all-inclusive paint set.

How And Where

This is most important when thinking about the type of paintings they they'll create, because while messy art is a lot of fun it's not so great for your walls, carpets, or furniture. Some people may opt for setting up a creative space outside but what if you don't have that option and all works of art must be developed indoors? That's where supplies such as drop cloths, smocks, and washable paints come in. There are even mess-free paints that are toddler friendly. Our painting toy reviews will also help you to find which ones are easy to clean and which ones may result in you needing new furniture(just kidding, most paints can be cleaned up).

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