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Knitting, Weaving, and Sewing Toy Reviews

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Loom, loop, and latch your way to a good time with toys designed to get your fashionably creative juices flowing. With sewing kits and patterns for experienced seamstresses and finger knitting and no-sew kits for beginners, there's something fun for everyone to construct. Check out the toy reviews below by TTPM, to help you decide which one is right for the skill level you're looking for.

Browse through the all the various sets below. When you see something that gets your nimble fingers itching to stitch, click on the image to see a comprehensive video review. Our toy experts cover everything from level of difficulty to whether it's an all-inclusive kit to be used over and over again or for constructing a single item like a blanket, pillow, or stuffed animal. They'll even let you know how long you can expect each project to take.

Once you've made your selection, you'll easily find out where it's currently available with our price comparison tool to the right. This way you can be sure that you're getting exactly what you want at a price that won't break the bank. Finding the best knitting, weaving, and sewing toys has never been easier with the help of the video reviews below.

Wish Craft Goddess Eye Wall Hangings

Wish Craft Goddess Eye Wall Hangings

from Bright Stripes $19.99

LatchKits Panda and Llama

LatchKits Panda and Llama

from PlayMonster $22.61

Created by Me - Flower Fleece Quilt

Created by Me - Flower Fleece Quilt

from Melissa & Doug $29.99

How to Buy Sewing and Knitting Toys

Help cultivate creativity through crafting with knitting, weaving, and other sewing toys. From beginner looms and finger knitting kits to advanced stitching and crocheting crafts, there's a plethora of options to choose from. To find the perfect pattern for a creative kid or adult you must first know what skill level you're buying for.

If you buy something that is too easy, they will likely complete it very quickly or get bored if it's time consuming. If a project is too advanced or complicated, it can become too frustrating to finish. Many kids want things to turn out 'perfectly' and can get frustrated if something is overly difficult. Making sure that your future fashion designer has the right tools for their age and level of proficiency will ensure that that delivers the most satisfying outcome.

Whatever the age of the kid, adult supervision is always helpful, particularly as kids are learning new skills and handling unfamiliar tools.

First Crafters-Ages 4-6

Kids at this age are still developing manual dexterity. The good news is that manufacturers creating craft kits for kids this age know that and design accordingly. Obviously, kids won't use traditional needles, though they may find plastic ones with blunt tips that help them understand the process. Here are some things to look for...

• No cutting necessary. Pre-cut fabric with holes already punched in.

• Easy-to-use embellishments - Because manual dexterity is still developing at this age, you'll want to use decorations that are easy for small fingers to use and place. Rather than having to deal with a lot of glue or other adhesives, many of these have peel-and-stick design, which are easy to use.

• Detailed instructions that are easy to follow. Pictures and very few steps to follow are the way to go.

Beginners / 5-7 years

The best way to learn any new skill is by starting at the beginning so that it's enjoyable and you don't become frustrated and give up. Some things to look for when buying for a beginner are...

• More grown-up accessories - At this age, kids will be able to start using needles that aren't too small or too sharp. Since many of these sets use yarn rather than thread, that's a given.

• Easy to use for small hands - Weaving looms, finger crochet, and no-sew knot blankets will be easy and fun for little fingers to manipulate

• Kits with all materials included - Pre-measured threads and fabrics are ideal for a beginner so that you can just focus on the work at hand. In most cases, however, you may have to supply scissors or other cutting tools.

• Easy-to-follow patterns and instructions - A kit with very few steps and pictures is going to help lessen frustrations when starting out.

Intermediate/ 8-11 years

Makers in this age group are able to handle 'real' tools. Especially if it's not their first kit, kids in this age group will be eager to try out their developing skills and discover new things that they can do. As you shop, you'll likely see that within sets for this age group, there are sets for both experienced and beginning crafters that are appropriate for this age group. When buying for an intermediate level stitcher or knitter, be sure to look for...

• Patterns and designs that meet their skill level - A sew-your-own plush or create your own scarf sets are great for adding a challenge while letting individual creativity shine through.

• Intermediate level tools - Now is a great time to introduce sewing needles, pins, thimbles, knitting needles, and even simple sewing machines.

What makes a good first sewing machine?

One of the things we've been excited to see in the booming maker movement is a renewed interest in sewing machines for crafters of all levels. That can be a little daunting for parents who may never have had any experience with these.

You'll find a range of sewing machines that run the gamut from toys that don't use any thread at all to more sophisticated ones that can be programmed. Generally, it's wise to start out with simple-and inexpensive-options and move up as your maker becomes more skilled and more dedicated to the craft. Some things to look for in a sewing machine for someone who is just starting out are.

• Size - Start small and work your way up to the big guys. There are a variety of machines to choose from that are designed for kids and learning from trusted family friendly companies like Spin Master.

• Weight - Smaller and lighter machines will give you more options for when and where you can do your stitching. Being able to easily move the machine from table to shelf will also make it more likely to get used.

• Ease of use - Look for a sewing machine that only has a few features, can just be plugged in, and threaded easily for a frustration free experience.

• Required maintenance - Just like any other machine, you'll need to be sure that yours is properly cared for. Buying one that doesn't require constant upkeep is perfect for beginners. Find one with very few features and easily removable and replaceable parts to make things easier for you and your wallet.

*The needles of a sewing machine are sharp so adult supervision is required

Advanced/12 years and up

By this time, experienced makers are ready to move beyond toys and into real-world crafting. But even for adults there are sets that can be fun and challenging and rewarding to make. At this point, too, you'll probably be shopping outside the traditional toy aisles and more in the crafting aisles or the major crafting stores. At this point, the possibilities are endless. You can find pre-measured sets, patterns, materials and more to keep the creativity flowing. By this time, your hobbyist probably has a specific style of creating that they are most interested in. Some of the most popular are...

• Knitting and crochet - Yarn and needle kits and advanced patterns for creating larger items like sweaters or more intricate designs like tiny crochet amigurumi animals.

• Sewing - Sewing machines and patterns for constructing new outfits or kits for fixing and altering clothes, stuffed animals, linens and more.

• Weaving - Loopers and frames for more intricate designs.

• Cross stitch, needlepoint, and embroidery - Hoops, canvas, floss, needles, patterns, embellishments will keep the creativity flowing.

Whether you're shopping for a gift or looking for some sewing to keep your fingers busy, you're sure to find some fashionable fun thanks to the knitting, weaving, and sewing toy reviews above, by TTPM.

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