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Coloring and Drawing Toy Reviews

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Create some fun when you introduce your child to drawing and coloring toys. When you have so many 'colorful' products to choose from, including mess-free coloring books for toddlers, figurine blanks for big kids and young adults, or even stress-relieving books for teens and grownups, you may need help finding the right one. That's why TTPM is here to help with the drawing and coloring toy reviews below.

Sort through the selection to discover a vibrant variety of artistic options. When you see something you'd like to know more about, click on the image to watch the video review. Enjoy as our toy expert 'paints' a clear picture of the toy in action, so you can determine if it meets your needs. If you look right, you'll see where to buy it at the best price with our shopping comparison tool.

Finding the right supplies or sets to create masterpieces has never been easier when you have TTPM's coloring and drawing toy video reviews on your side.

Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint and Magic Stix

Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint and Magic Stix

from The Pencil Grip $25.00

Airbrush Plush Wildcat and T-Rex

Airbrush Plush Wildcat and T-Rex

from Canal Toys $33.20

Little Artist EZ Easel

Little Artist EZ Easel

from Little Partners $129.99

E-Writing Board

E-Writing Board

from Shenzhen Baogewode Technology $49.99

Pixter Electronic Drawing Coach

Pixter Electronic Drawing Coach

from NSI International $15.99

How to Buy Coloring and Drawing Toys

In a world where so much of kids' time is spent looking at the screens of electronic devices and televisions, you can give your brain a break while creating works of art. Coloring is a great way to disconnect from electronics and reconnect with your creative side. Best of all, kids know that. Arts and crafts have never been more popular as kids discover the excitement and the fun of creating something in the real world. And it's not just kids; coloring and drawing is fun crafting for people of all ages.

Finding the perfect items to inspire the creativity of a child or adult begins with knowing which ones are best suited for their age and skill level. Using age-appropriate craft supplies is important for the developmental growth and engagement of the user. By using these core thoughts buying coloring and drawing toys for people of all ages is easy. Here's how:


Arts and crafts are wonderful tools for encouraging creativity and dexterity. Since people are developing throughout their whole lives, coloring and drawing can be beneficial for all ages. From improving fine motor skills and learning spatial awareness as a young child to increasing concentration and helping to relieve stress in adults.

Below are some things to keep in mind when shopping for coloring and drawing toys:

  • · Toddlers - Coloring for young children is all about learning while having fun. The act of holding a crayon helps build up fine motor function while the act of creating encourages the development of cognitive skills. Look for pictures with large print, large crayons and markers that are easy for small hands to grasp and hold, and bright primary colors. (examples: large crayons and markers made to fit in tiny hands, giant coloring books, mess free coloring pages, finger paint, washable sidewalk chalk, water and invisible magic pen coloring activities...). This is also the time for kids to begin to develop the 'tripod grip,' the classic hand position for holding writing instruments that is important for writing.
  • · 5-7 years - At this age, children have moved beyond scribbling and scrawling and are starting to draw objects and things they see in their worlds. They are also able to handle more sophisticated crayons and paint brushes, though there's still a lot of development going on. Strengthen their growing skills by giving them drawing tools made to fit in their hands, a wider array of colors, and coloring toys that encourage your child to use their own imagination. (examples: crayons, color pencils, markers, stamps, watercolor paint, coloring books, scratch art, washable sidewalk chalk paint, plastic figurine blanks)
  • · 8-11 years - Giving your child the tools to give life to their own ideas and designs is beneficial for their emotional and intellectual growth. Kids at this age can begin to experiment with other media such as colored pencils, gel pens, markers, chalk pastels, art supply kits, posters, colorable clothing and accessories, sketch pads, tracing paper, and even the new 3D doodlers.
  • · 12 years and up - At this age, kids are really exploring their creativity. Kids who are serious about engaging in art can graduate to grown-up paints, brushes and tools appropriate for fine art. Still, there are plenty of kids who will want to play and engage more casually with arts and crafts. Whether it's from work or school, stress is something that can affect everyone. Giving your brain a break and working on something creative like coloring, is a great way to combat that stress - and there are even some studies that suggest it has a role improving your focus and organizational skills.

Keeping It Neat

Getting messy - a little or a lot - is a big part of arts and crafts play. It's part of the fun, too, especially when it comes to wonderful things like finger paints. Touching and feeling the materials is part of the fun and creative expression. However, lots of moms aren't particularly happy about mess, understandably so.

There are things you can do to mess-proof your home and kids.

  • · Create a dedicated area for arts and crafts play that can be as messy as kids want to be but is out of sight from the rest of the house. Think putting something in the corner of the garage or a spare room. If it's summer, setting up an outdoors creative area can be very good.
  • · Have creative outfits. Choose clothes that kids can wear when they're creating that they can get as messy as they want. Sure, you'll run them through the wash every now and then, but you won't care if some of the stains don't come out. In fact, they add 'character'. Smocks are a great idea, too.
  • · Look for mess-free supplies. Crayola, for example, has created a line of Color Wonder products where the color only shows up on special paper. If you do get the materials on walls, tables of clothes, it cleans up very easily. Other companies have dispensers that are spill proof, and water-based markers usually clean up pretty easily. Be sure to read all the package directions and pick products that reflect your 'messy threshold.'

Now that you know how to buy the right coloring and drawing toys for your family's masterpiece maker, scroll back up and look through our reviews and price comparisons to buy one that will keep them (and yourself) creating.

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