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Kids' Décor and Furniture Reviews

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From tiny tables to charming chairs and delightful décor items, decorating your child's room can make you feel like a kid again. You're creating a welcoming and magical space that surrounds your child with love, imagination and a space that matches his or her unique style. Whether you're decorating a nursery for a new baby or updating a child's room to match their ever maturing needs, and growing desire to see their own developing tastes reflected in the look of their rooms, you can find great design and furnishing solutions when you use the TTPM video reviews.

Simply click on any of the items below to get a 360 degree view of the décor or furniture. With play mats, forts, decorative pillows, toys and more, we make the shopping process super easy while also saving you money. If you look to the right on the product page, we'll show you where you can find the fun furniture or delightful décor available at the best prices.

Stuff 'N Sit

Stuff 'N Sit

from Creative QT $34.95

Harry Potter Bulbotz Alarm Clocks

Harry Potter Bulbotz Alarm Clocks

from ClicTime $24.99

Portable Kids Canvas Teepee Tent

Portable Kids Canvas Teepee Tent

from A Mustard Seed Toys $89.95

Earth in My Room

Earth in My Room

from Uncle Milton $19.99

Spider-Man Fleece Throw

Spider-Man Fleece Throw

from shopDisney $24.95

The Dream Pillow

The Dream Pillow

from The Dream Pillow $28.00

Cuddle Case

Cuddle Case

from All My Toys $24.95

Your child's room is an ever-changing landscape. From the earliest days when you design the nursery and exert total control over the décor to the grade school and teenage years when your child wants his her personality reflected in virtually every detail, it's an ongoing evolution of style. For most kids, their room is a sanctuary and the place where their own personalities are most on display. It's a little like an ongoing art installation that changes, grows and matures as thy kids do. Combining independence, responsibility (as in: keeping it neat) and self-expression, a kids' room is his or her kingdom. And it's a good idea to support and foster that, always within reason, of course.

When they're teeny and brand new, their space is determined by your tastes and style but it doesn't take long for them to develop their own sense of self and express their likes and dislikes.

Once they start to enjoy specific types of toys or games or characters, begin incorporating them into the décor and furniture as they grow out of their baby gear. Next your child starts school and that means sports, clubs and it's where they develop hobbies; that also means it's time to decorate again. This is when the room takes on an ever-changing aspect. Posters of favorite stars go up, for example, and when the crush fades, they come down. Mementoes of events, photographs of friends and much more start to figure into the design. Don't be surprised if at this point your wonderful design ideas go out the window, so to speak. It's often more important to allow kids the freedom of self-expression than to impose your ideas on them.

After the infant and grade school years, it's probably time for a complete overhaul when kids get into middle school. Kids need more space to study, for example. So when it's time to redesign, give you kids the starring role. Let them help measure the space available in their room and create a list of things they need. Next have them watch the video reviews of the products on our site or bring them to the store and see how they interact. You can help them to see what they like and then take the measurements themselves to see if it will fit. You can also share the budget with them and have them help pick and choose. Kids still love having favorite toys in their rooms, to be sure, and when they get to this age, they gravitate towards some more sophisticated choices. For example, we have some fun construction toys and STEAM toys you can buy as a follow up if they pick up an interest in these types of activities.

High school very likely initiates another room overhaul. It's likely your kids' friends will be hanging out there, too, so you'll want to rethink the space to take that into account. Now's the time to let your child take the lead, for the most part. If you stay somewhat involved and become a sounding board for your kids' ideas, by the time he or she is a teenager, you can continue to instill the knowledge of decorating, and hopefully some of your own good taste. For the most part, though, this is the time to sit back and watch as they go to work. You may even be surprised at their unique style, and, of course, you can jump in to help if they start to go a bit overboard because let's face it, they're teens. This room has to last from 13 - 18 (with minor changes along the way) up until they leave for college. (And you take back the room. Okay, we're only partly kidding here.)

It's amazing how something that seems so simple like decorating a child's room can actually be a learning, educational and developmental tool for parents and their children, not to mention a great family activity - and preparation for that inevitable day when your child will be responsible for an entire home or apartment rather than just a room. By using this guide as well as the TTPM reviews of kids furniture and décor items, you should feel prepared to take on this challenge and help them grow and develop into the person you know they can be.

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