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Crayola (23)
Gazillion Bubbles (15)
RoseArt (13)
PAW Patrol (13)
Nerf Super Soaker (10)
Fubbles (10)
Poof (10)
Sesame Street (9)
Disney Frozen (9)
Little Kids (9)
Super Soaker (9)
Twist Time (8)
Kid Casters (7)
Yvolution (7)
Air Hogs (7)
Water Warriors (7)
Backyard Safari (7)
National Geographic (7)
Alex Toys (6)
Backyard Safari Outfitters (6)
Disney Princess (6)
WhirlyGig (6)
Joint Merchant (6)
Maui Toys (6)
Star Wars (6)
Poof-Slinky (5)
Razor (5)
Nerf Rebelle (5)
Zing Toys (5)
Alex Brands (5)
Seedling (4)
Hog Wild (4)
EZ Grip (4)
Peeps (4)
Thomas & Friends (4)
Bubble Guppies (4)
The Peanuts Movie (4)
Disney Fairies (4)
Xploderz (4)
Kidoozie (4)
Hedstrom (4)
Sky Ball (3)
Aeromax (3)
Nerf, Hasbro (3)
Giant Gazillion (3)
Minions (3)
Dora and Friends (3)
SpongeBob SquarePants (3)
Nerf Sports (3)
DC Super Hero Girls (3)
Marvel Superheroes (3)
Adventure Force (3)
Flying Heroes (3)
Marshmallow Fun Company (3)
Buzz Bee Toys (3)
Ja-Ru (3)
Barbie (3)
Grow to Pro (3)
Zing Air (3)
Super Impulse (3)
Coop (3)
Jelly Belly (3)
Fisher-Price (3)
Air Storm (3)
Spider-Man (3)
SwimWays (3)
Duncan (3)
Kong-Air (3)
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Outdoor Toy Reviews

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From scooters and skates to trucks, construction toys and outdoor playsets, our video reviews of outdoor toys will help you find the perfect present to meet your child's individual needs. We have surfboards for kids on the coast and kites for children in the country. Help your little explorers discover nature with safari gear or express themselves with sidewalk chalk.

Your kids will never be bored again when you watch our videos that cover everything from repeat play to replaceable parts. You'll even find who has the products on sale by using our price comparison so you can save money year round. Help your kids put down the technology and enjoy the world outside when you buy the perfect outdoor toys to keep them engaged, learning and having fun.

Wacky Wubble and Wubble Comet

Wacky Wubble and Wubble Comet

from NSI International $9.99

Air Hunterz Wrist Bow

Air Hunterz Wrist Bow

from Zing $11.99

2021 Laser X Revolution

2021 Laser X Revolution

from NSI International $39.99

Maxx Bubbles! Super Light Up Bubble Blower

Maxx Bubbles! Super Light Up Bubble Blower

from Sunny Days Entertainment $4.99

X-Shot Reflex 6 Blaster

X-Shot Reflex 6 Blaster

from Zuru $14.99

16-inch Barbie and Hot Wheels Bikes

16-inch Barbie and Hot Wheels Bikes

from Dynacraft $88.00

Glow Battle

Glow Battle

from Starlux Games $29.99

Choosing The Right Outdoor Toys For You & Your Kids

Nothing gets kids inspired to go outside and play like having fun stuff to play with. When you're shopping for outdoor toys, look for a variety of different experiences you can create.

Active, outdoor play is essential for raising healthy, self-reliant children. And whether in the backyard or park, with friends or solo, there are more great outdoor toys than ever to make any play time more fun.

Bubbles have been a favorite plaything for more than 400 years. In fact, ever since the introduction of soap, kids have found bubbles floating through the air irresistibly enchanting...and almost magical. For years, bubble toys were merely a bottle of solution and a wand. Well, no more. Today's bubble toys are sophisticated and spectacular.

Today, there are three best-selling brands of bubble toys: Gazillion Bubbles, the now iconic brand from Funrise that's also featured in the tricks of renowned bubble artist Fan Yang. Little Kids No Spill Bubble Toys provide a lot of fun and no mess, which is great for the youngest bubble players; and Imperial Toys. In addition to classic bubble toys, all of these lines also include motorized bubble machines that can fill the air with bubbles in moments. Little Kids even has Candylicious Bubbles, which are bubbles kids can eat. Bubbles show up in other types of toys, too, and a favorite now for two generations is the Fisher-Price Bubble Mower, and Little Tikes Lawn Bubble Blower which kids adored. The bubble season—yes, there is such a thing—runs from the first days of spring through Memorial Day, so stock up! The great thing about these, too, is that for the most part they deliver tons of play at a great value.

Another classic outdoor toy is basic chalk, but even that has changed through the years. Crayola now features chalk that comes in different colors and shapes, and you can even buy Marvel Avengers and Frozen Chalk sets. Plus, there are sets that include 3D glasses for dramatic effects while kids are drawing.

Riding toys, especially the powered ones are always a huge hit with kids. Although the Cozy Coupe from Little Tikes is still a hit every year, kids want to drive like their parents. Kids are like Ricky Bobby of Talladega Nights: "I wanna go fast". Power Wheels and Kid Trax make powered riding toys that allow kids to reach 5mph in vehicles and come in replicas of Jeep and Mercedes Benz. Ragio Flyer, the maker of the iconic Little Red Wagon now makes battery powered Tesla! Although some of these vehicles might raise a parents heartbeat a trifle, they do teach kids all about hand eye coordination and responsibility.

Scooters have also continue to evolve for kids. Razor led the charge in scooters but companies like Yvolution added innovation to the category. There are now scooters for all ages of kids and all different levels of ability when it comes to stunts and more. If you're feeling a little lazy, you can hop on a motorized scooter as well. And then there are good old fashioned bicycles, something you never have to outgrow.

Sports toys also get kids running around. Whether it be a Nerf Blaster, a Wham-o Frisbee, a kid friendly football, or a wiffle ball set, sports toys allow kids to compete and have fun.

As parents and educators continue to be concerned about childhood obesity, toys that keep kids active and outdoors are always good choices. When kids are outdoors, however, be sure to use plenty of sunblock and for riding toys be sure to wear helmets and all protective gear. For confidence building, health and interactive fun, outdoors is where kids want to be.

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