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Baby Rattle & Teether Reviews

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What's the one thing that you can count on when your baby gets their hands on something? Everything goes in their mouth! From baby toys to their clothing; your clothes and the edge of their crib, even random objects that they find on the floor end up in their mini mouths. That's why having baby-safe rattles and teethers can help to redirect their natural behavior to something designed for chewing that can also be easily cleaned.

So how do you find the right rattle or teether toy for your teething tot? Click on any of the images below to see full video reviews. Our job is to help you learn all about the pros and cons while discovering which rattle or teether is the best for your mini me. If you don't see what you're looking for, use the category sorter on the left to narrow in your search. When you find the perfect rattle or teether click the image for the review and look to the right and find our regularly updated price comparison chart.

Fox and Moose Silicone Teethers

Fox and Moose Silicone Teethers

from Little Cheeks $16.00

Bamboo Lovey and Baby Swaddle

Bamboo Lovey and Baby Swaddle

from Kyte Baby $35.00

Dinosaur Baby Rattles and Teethers

Dinosaur Baby Rattles and Teethers

from iPlay, iLearn $17.00

Wood Rattle DIY Craft Kits

Wood Rattle DIY Craft Kits

from Cara & Co. $16.34

Tips on Selecting Baby Toys

Your brand new baby loves to explore the world around them, and they often do that by touch and taste as well as with fingers. Exploration is a full body experience and includes grabbing, shaking, and feeling things with their mouths.

Finding toys that can suit these needs may be a little daunting to new parents. Of course, the first thing you should know is that these toys are carefully designed and tested to ensure that they can be effectively used for their desired purpose. Designers know how little ones are likely to behave and design to encourage that natural exploration.

For things that go in the mouth, there are lots of choices, from traditional pacifiers to ones with different decorations and even some advanced silicone teethers that are pretty close to indestructible. Features like vibration, rubberized textured surfaces, and the ability to chill a toy, can be very helpful in easing any pain from tiny teeth trying to break through.

Teether toys can also be helpful in breaking a thumb sucking habit or even preventing it from the start. The rattle and teether toys are wonderful for entertaining and soothing your sweet pea.

Sound is also important for developing minds and perceptual ability. Rattles are a great toy option to help them by letting them be in control as they shake the toy to listen to the noises it makes. A fun rattle toy helps your little one with their fine motor skills while also teaching them cause and effect.

Many rattles are also made to be teething toys making it even easier to help baby relax and play.

Most of these are easily washable for the inevitable drops or tosses that come with first toys. Some even go in the dishwasher. As noted above, these toys are all designed for the kind of hard use they'll get with a curious, exploring and growing baby, but you'll want to be sure to check them regularly for signs of wear or use and replace as needed.

To find the ideal rattle or teething toy for your babe, scroll back up and start shopping.

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