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Sesame Street Toys

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Everything's a-ok when your child is learning and playing with Big Bird and his pals. With toys from interactive Elmos to a snuggly Snuffleupagus, kids of all ages can enjoy the magic of Sesame Street anytime. Kids love and relate to these characters and love to bring them into their play. TTPM's toy reviews are here to help you find the perfect ones for your Sesame Street fans.

Click on any image below to see a comprehensive video. Learn all about the pros and cons and which toys will keep your little one engaged and learning. Once you've decided on the perfect one, look to the right of the video to see where it's available for the best price. With stuffed toys, playsets, and many more toys designed to entertain and educate, the Sesame Street toy reviews below will help you choose toys that your youngster will love.

Bubble Wobblers Elmo and Cookie Monster

Bubble Wobblers Elmo and Cookie Monster

from Little Kids, Inc. $3.99

Giggle & Bubble Elmo

Giggle & Bubble Elmo

from Little Kids, Inc. $14.99

Elmo's Stack & Nest Friends

Elmo's Stack & Nest Friends

from Hasbro $9.99

Cookie Monster's Drop & Roll

Cookie Monster's Drop & Roll

from Hasbro $19.99

Tickle Me Elmo

Tickle Me Elmo

from Hasbro $29.99

Love2Learn Elmo

Love2Learn Elmo

from Hasbro $39.99

Learn and Play with Favorite Friends

Since Sesame Street first hit the airwaves in 1969, kids have loved he characters and they've had a special place in the hearts of three generations of eager learners. Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, Zoe, Grover Snuffleupagus, Abby Cadabby and so many more have become beloved friends -and an important part of kids' earliest entertainment experiences.

Designed initially to give kids a head start on education, the show has always focused on basic skill development such as letters and numbers, but it has also taken on social and emotional issues. Now nearly 50 years later, these characters are an established part of the global culture.

Toys have played a big part in the growth of Sesame Street. There are, of course, cultural phenomena like Tickle Me Elmo from 1996 (and back again today). For the most part though the characters have engaged kids in their personal exploration, learning and growth from their earliest ages. Delivering educational and sometimes through cuddly characters in a safe and nurturing environment has proven successful again and again. Small wonder kids love the toys.

There are so many different Sesame Street toys!

The show was originally designed as a way to give preschoolers a head start on education, so it's no surprise that many of their toys are great for tiny tots. Playing with characters like the lovable and always curious Elmo and the eager to learn fairy Abby Cadabby encourage kids to be excited about learning.

Playsets help children act out their own Sesame Street stories and integrate the lessons into their own lives in their own time. This kind of narrative play is especially beneficial during early years as children begin to get senses of themselves as individual and within social contexts of the family and early school.

And for a best friend, what's better that a favorite character to hold and cuddle. Stuffed toys in a wide variety of sizes and prices are perfect for kids who have one special friend... or who want to create their own cast of Sesame Street characters.

Best of all, you can and your kids can get to Sesame Street any time, and with the help of the TTPM's toy reviews above, you can find the toys that will help inspire learning in so many ways!

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