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Monster High Toy Reviews

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Greetings and skullutaions. Would you like your child to see a world where everyone can be celebrated for their unique qualities? Well then Monster High is the place to go. This fantasy world is the home to the sons and daughters of some of the most famous classic monsters. They're fashion dolls with a ghoulishly glamorous difference!

Monster High is all about celebrating individuality - whether you're normal or a bit monstrous. That's what makes Monster High toys magic. From vampires to werewolves and mummies to zombies, everyone is welcome at Monster High.

Click on any of the fangtastic toys below to see a full video review. Find out all about each character's exceptional differences to discover the most spooktactular toy for your little ghoul or manster. Not sure where to begin? Use the category sorter on the left to narrow down your search. You can see which toys are appropriate for your child's age and even see which ones are the most popular. With so many fun and friendly characters and their accessories to choose from you're sure to find the skultimate toys for your little 'monster'.

The Story Behind Monster High

Monsters once lived in fear of being found out, hiding from humans and even other monsters. So what's a lonely teenage ghoul to do? Searching the globe, from Boo York City to Scaris, Frankie Stein, the daughter of Frankenstein, found friendship and acceptance when she met Draculaura, the daughter of Dracula. Together they met more friendly teenaged monsters with hopes and screams of a place where they would no longer have to live in fear or solitude. Thus Monster High was born.

From ghosts and vampires to werewolves, zombies, and more, everyone is welcome at Monster High. Your unique little one will love being immersed in a world where every ghoul and monster is not only accented but celebrated for their differences. They'll be learning that you can never judge a vampire by its fangs and that everyone, whether they're a monster or a normie, can become the beast of friends.

Through play your child will be able to continue the adventures of Frankie Stein and her closest ghoul-friends Draculaura, fashionista Clawdeen, the daughter of The Werewolf, and the daughter of The Mummy and the most popular ghoul in school, Cleo DeNile. They're sure to love discovering that everyone has their own individual style and that's what makes them monsterific. With so much fun to be had even you'll be singing 'We are monsters, we are proud. We are monsters, sing it loud. We are Monster High!'

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