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App Accessory Reviews

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Does your kid want the latest app accessory for the hottest new game? How about that new tablet holder or virtual reality viewer? If you want to know which app accessories are worth buying and which will be thrown aside once the trendiness wears off, our reviews are here to help.

While apps and games come and go, the prices never seem to drop. That's why we review everything from the potential of repeat play and new additions to keep it fresh. We also evaluate the potential appeal for a lasting investment so you know your money is going to last when you buy the latest accessories or installments. From action figures to add-ons, we'll let you know which app accessories may keep your kid playing and which will be throwing money away.

Charmazing Color Me Up! Heart Collection

Charmazing Color Me Up! Heart Collection

from Wooky Entertainment $7.98

Aesop's Fables Play Mat

Aesop's Fables Play Mat

from Dwinguler $159.99

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