Barbie Dreamhorse from Mattel
What could someone who lives in a Dreamhouse need? A Dreamhorse, of course. Barbie’s latest horse friend is fully interactive. Kids can feed, control and play games with this gorgeous steed using touch sensors and voice commands.
Doc McStuffins Baby All-in-One Nursery
Doc McStuffins is a perennial top seller and the All in One Nursery gives kids all the toys of a nursery to play out taking care of your pets. From a working scale, to a stethoscope, there is so much to play with in this nursery for kids.
Dropmix from Hasbro
It’s the most exciting music game we’ve seen in a while. Create your own mixes, battle with your friends and much more. Innovative technology brings the music—and the fun to solo or party play. Truly a breakthrough in game design using today’s most popular music in a wide variety of genres.
Barbie Dreamhorse from Mattel
It’s a new best friend that fits on your finger. These adorable, interactive monkeys respond to touch and sound in a nearly lifelike way. They’re super cute, collectible and a great value—a great combination for a hit in the making.

Hatchimals Surprise
See the latest from one of the hottest toy crazes of recent years. Spin Master keeps the excitement and interaction going with Hatchimals Surprise. Check back here on October 6th to see the big news!
Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage from Mattel
They really mean it when they say “Ultimate.” This dramatic garage adds more play, more parking, more racing and more engagement with the all-time favorite toy car brand. See what makes it so cool!
Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot Xtreme from Fisher-Price
Find out how a hit toy gets even better. The new BatBot builds on the success of the original with expanding wings, punching fists and awesome voice change, motorcycle and so much more. Like all the Imaginext toys, it’s an inspiration for creative, imaginative superhero play.
A powerful, fun-filled personal device for kids as young as 4. Great apps, lots of engaging learning and the chance to feel “grown up” as they play like the big kids. Lots of built-in apps and many more available. See why this is the real deal for kids.

LEGO Boost
Build, program and play with this amazing robotics kit. Designed for kids 7-12, this is a dynamic way to introduce coding and more in a dynamic, elegantly designed environment. Add in LEGO construction play, and you’ve got a winning product.
LOL Surprise! from MGA Entertainment
L.O.L. Surprise! makes unboxing part of the play! Each ball has 7 layers that uncover different pieces. When it’s all opened up, you have a cute mini doll and an entire playset. The new series continues the fun with more characters and accessories.
The most realistic parenting play we’ve seen. Amazing technology brings these dolls to life inspiring boys and girls to nurture their own interactive baby. Rich play with a doll that grows and becomes more sophisticated adds playtime magic to the most classic of all toys.
Nerf Nitro Motofury Rapid Rally from Hasbro
Check out this amazing innovation in blaster and car play! Nerf combines well-engineered foam cars with innovative blasters, taking toy car play to new levels of fun!

Nintendo Switch
This amazingly versatile, sophisticated and elegant video game system goes from TV to tablet in an instant and without missing a beat. Cool, interactive two-person gaming, new games and adaptations of classic Nintendo games make this the must-have system of 2017.
Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot Xtreme from Fisher-Price
Oonies is a creative activity toy that kids will love. The system lets kids blow up balloons, decorate, play games and just have a blast. It’s fun, innovative and colorful...and we’ve never seen anything like it!
PAW Patrol My Size Lookout Tower from Spin Master
PAW Patrol is the hottest preschool show, and this outstanding, kid-sized set is the ultimate setting for kids to create and act out their own PAW Patrol adventures.
Pikmi Pops!
Colorful lollipops open up to reveal adorable, stuffed animals. Great design, kid-favorite scents and unique packaging in three different sizes make this something fresh, new and totally sweet.

Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit
Build your own customized droid inspired by the iconic R2D2. Then program and play! This is the ultimate STEAM toy that inspired creativity, exploration and tech-based learning, all at a very affordable price.
Star Wars Hero Droid BB-8 Full Interactive Droid
If you always wanted a personal droid, you’ll want this. BB-8 responds to you, follows you and is about as lifelike as it gets. It’s a must for the Star Wars Collector, but anyone who loves Star Wars play will want this.
Star Wars The Black Series Rey (Jedi Training) Force FX Lightsaber
Lightsabers have been favorite Star Wars toys for 40 years. Discover the trusty weapon of the series’ newest star, Rey. This is the Black Series version of her lightsaber with real F/X lights and sounds.
Teddy Ruxpin
The breakthrough hit of the 1980s gets a whole new tech upgrade. He’s more sophisticated than ever, but he’s still ready to delight kids with storytelling, interaction and more. Teddy may be redesigned for millennial children, but he’s still all about the stories and the fun.

Most Wanted Toys for 2017 by Category

Most Wanted Toys for 2017 by Category