Monsuno from Jakks Pacific

Published on May 7, 2012

Monsuno is a new boys' action toy that combines exciting entertainment with various styles of action-packed play that feature dramatic competition. Central to the Monsuno play are Monsuno Cores. Each holds a collapsible figure that kids fold and insert into the Core. Once the figures are inside, they're ready to play. Spinning is the basic battle action, and it's activated by a simple finger press that sets the Core spinning. When a Monsuno Core hits another Core in battle mode or anything solid in solo mode, the figure pops out of the Core and unfolds. Each of the figures has a specific role in the Monsuno story. Kids can find out all about it at There are hundreds of action figures and Monsuno Cores to collect, all based on the animated TV series Monsuno. Each pack comes with one collectible Monsuno Core, one transforming action figure, and three collector game cards.

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