iNitro Speeders

Published on March 26, 2012

iNitro Speeders are miniature radio-controlled cars with a carrying case that serves triple duty as the carrying case, charger, and controller. These tiny cars have lots of zip, going in scale speeds up to 600 miles per hour. What puts the "I" in the iNitro Speeders name is the fact that it is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad 2, and iPhone. The free iNitro app turns the smart device into a controller for the car. (The app is not yet available on the Android platform but it is coming, most likely in the fall of 2012.) Once you've downloaded the app, attach the R/C adapter into the headphone jack, calibrate it to the controller, and choose one of five ways to drive your car: dual-stick control, motion control, slide, pre-programmed routes, or draw and drive. In addition to controlling the car, the app also has cool games and the opportunity to customize your driving profile and keep track of your progress and points. The iNitro Speeders are available in three styles: Chevy Camaro, Ford Mustang GT, and Ken Block FIesta.

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