The Largest Game Show on Twitter

Prizes for Wednesday, December 24

Please only play for the prizes you wish to win; we will not substitute prizes.

  • @TTPM hosts the game show every Wednesday at 1pm ET / 10am PT using the #TTPMlive hashtag. To see what everyone is tweeting during the game, follow the hashtag on Twitter.com or a service like TwitterFall, our personal favorite.
  • @TTPM will ask the following types of questions:
    1. TTPM Trivia — Using existing knowledge or TTPM, players must answer a question related to a TTPM product review. Answers to TTPM Trivia questions must include the full name of the product. For example, Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Center is a correct answer, while Doc McStuffins Center is not. Correct spelling is required; correct capitalization is not. Multiple choice questions can be answered with the answer’s letter, the full answer, or both.
    2. General Trivia — Using existing knowledge or the Internet, players must answer a general trivia question. The question could be about pop culture, current events, or anything else under the sun. Correct spelling and capitalization is not required, but the answer must be at least recognizable.
  • Where do the answers to #TTPMlive trivia questions come from?
    1. If it’s a Pick-A-Prize week, that means every answer is one of that week’s prizes, so study the prize list and read all the reviews we’ve done on those toys. You’ll know if it’s a Pick-A-Prize week because it will say so at the top of the prize list and the list will have more than 10 items.
    2. If it’s a theme week (as in, all the prizes are from one brand or one company), then study up on that theme! Check out the reviews we’ve done on that theme and follow @TTPM on Twitter for any hints or clues in the days leading up to #TTPMlive.
    3. If it’s a regular week, then the answers could come from anywhere! But it’s a good bet to check out our latest reviews because the answers may come from there.
  • Players must include the #TTPMlive hashtag in all tweets to participate. Make sure your answers include the hashtag or else it won’t be counted!
  • The first correct response by an eligible player wins unless @TTPM indicates the winner will be some other correct response. For example, @TTPM might say before the question is asked that the 3rd correct answer will win.
  • Tweets often come in at different speeds depending on the Twitter client and connections you are using. If there is any discrepancy when choosing a winner, TTPM uses the order that appears on www.TTPMlive.com for final judgement.
  • Decisions made by TTPM appointed admins are final!
  • To claim their prizes, winners must direct message @TTPM with their Twitter name, legal name and shipping address.

Good luck and thanks for playing!

#TTPMlive Tweets

These are the most recent tweets using the hashtag #TTPMlive! To see all #TTPMlive tweets, and to participate in the games, use Twitter.com or your favorite Twitter client and search for #TTPMlive!


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