Godzilla Smash Strike

from Bandai America


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  • Godzilla Smash Strike
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  • Giant Size Godzilla


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    None or Very Easy


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

The Godzilla Smash Strike Movie Fighting Figure from Bandai is a nearly seven-inch tall action figure based on the iconic monster and movie, Godzilla. As you might expect, it's all about Godzilla and his penchant for smashing anything that's in his path. The play is really that basic: pick him up and smash him around. Push the button on the back of his tail to articulate the smashing action. His arms and mouth are loosely articulated so they move when he smashes as well.

Is It Fun?

For Godzilla fans-and creative kids-this basic figure will likely provide hours of fun smash action play.

Who It’s For

The Godzilla Smash Strike is for fans ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Godzilla 2014 Movie Fighting Figures are sold separately.