Taddle Toes Croakster

from Aurora


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What It Is

Croakster is soft toy frog that is part of Aurora's Taddle Toes line. Croakster has an endearing face, oversized feet, and a soft chunky body like the rest of the plush animals in the line. At 10-inches tall, Croakster is different shades of green with a yellow belly and plastic eyes.

Is It Fun?

This soft frog would make the perfect companion for cuddling. Kids can play with Croakster and have him ribbit and hop around on his own or add him to their Taddle Toes collection.

Who It’s For

Taddle Toes Croakster is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Taddle Toes include Hoppity Bunny, Baabsy Lamb, and Flapper the Chick. Each is sold separately.