Raggedy Ann and Andy Vintage Asleep/Awake Dolls

from Aurora

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Product Information

  • Raggedy Ann and Andy Vintage Asleep/Awake Dolls from Aurora
  • Part of the Raggedy Ann and Andy brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 1.5 and up

What It Is

Around 1915, a little girl bought an old rag doll and painted a face on it, naming it Raggedy Ann. Her father, the author and cartoonist Johnny Gruelle, published the first Raggedy Ann stories in 1918, giving the doll its signature look. Two years later, Raggedy Andy came along, and the rest is toy-and story-history. Their story will be familiar to anyone who ever saw Toy Story. When people aren't around, the toys come to life. Today's kids are not as likely to play with these toys, unless perhaps introduced to them by a parent or grandparent. They are, however, prized collectibles, which makes this Vintage Asleep/Awake Dolls set from Aurora the perfect collectible and gift. It includes the two, two-sided dolls in a hinged package. On one side, the dolls are asleep. On the other, they look ready to play with their button eyes and iconic outfits.

Is It Fun?

These are replicas of the dolls first created in the 1940s, and they've been produced in a limited edition of only 2,400 pieces. They're as sweet and charming as they were almost a century ago, demonstrating that they are true classics.

Who It’s For

Raggedy Ann and Andy Vintage Asleep/Awake Dolls are for ages 18 months and up. Because of their collectible status, they will definitely appeal to older doll collectors.

What To Be Aware Of

Aurora makes additional Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, sold separately.


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