Puppet on a Stick Stomper

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What It Is

Stomper is one of the new Puppet on a Stick dinosaurs. This green-and-white triceratops head is attached to, well, a stick! Kids can open and close its mouth by pressing the thumb lever on the back of the stick or pulling the chunky knob on the bottom.

Is It Fun?

This is all about open-ended, imaginative play as kids conduct their own puppet shows and plays, or just have Stomper talking, singing, or chomping around. The Puppet on a Stick also provides a fun way for parents to engage in pretend play with their kids.

Who It’s For

Puppet on a Stick Stomper is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

There are other prehistoric Puppets on a Stick available, including an Ankylosaurus and a T-Rex. Kids can collect them all and engage in co-play or have their own cast of dinosaur characters at their fingertips.