Dinosaur Valentine Tattoo Cards

from Peaceable Kingdom

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Product Information

  • Dinosaur Valentine Tattoo Cards from Peaceable Kingdom
  • We recommend this product for ages 3 and up

What It Is

Dinosaur lovers will have a lot of fun this Valentine's Day with Dinosaur Valentine Tattoo Cards. Each pack of 30 cards features six different dino styles with room on the back to place one temporary tattoo. There are 30 temporary tattoos, five each of six dinosaur designs. The temporary tattoos work like all other temporary tattoos: place the design on your skin and hold a wet cloth against the tattoo to make it transfer to your skin. There are instructions on the back of each tattoo sheet. This does not come with envelopes for the cards.

Is It Fun?

If your kid loves dinosaurs, he'll love passing out these colorful dino-themed cards. The temporary tattoos add a fun little gift to the cards.

Who It’s For

Dinosaur Valentine Tattoo Cards are for dinosaur lovers ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Peaceable Kingdom also makes Kitties Valentine Tattoo Cards.


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