Batman The Joker Robo Rampage

from Mattel

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Product Information

  • Batman The Joker Robo Rampage from Mattel
  • Part of the Batman brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 3 and up

What It Is

The Batman: The Joker Robo Rampage from Mattel is a multi-figure set that comes with Batman and Super-Man plus The Joker's Robot Mech.

This is one of the first sets from Mattel's new 3 and ¾ -inch line. The figures have a stylized appearance, which is similar to the previous 5-inch line, with elongated limbs and oversized hands. Both figures have cloth capes that cannot be removed. The Robot has a distinct Joker appearance with his signature purple and green paint job. It also has giant barrel hands that automatically swing down when the legs are squeezed. Kids can position one of the figures under the barrel, and then make the robot grab and trap the figure. The robot is designed for the Joker figure to ride and control it from the back.

Is It Fun?

We think kids will have a lot of fun playing with these figures together and separately as they imagine all sorts of Justice League adventures. Additional figures are available separately to expand the fun.

Who It’s For

The set is designed for kids, ages 3 and up but we also think that Justice League fans and collectors of all ages will probably want to add the figures to their collections.

What To Be Aware Of

The robot's barrel hands have faint arrows on them so kids know exactly where to stand the figures if they want to grab them. Although the robot is designed for the Joker, the Joker figure is sold separately, along with other figures in this scale and line.


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