RC Snake

from Uncle Milton


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  • Mars In My Room
  • Grand Finale! Light Show
  • T-Rex In My Room
  • Fireworks Light Show in My Room
  • 3D Star Theater
  • Ant Farm Revolution


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Get ready for realistic slithering action with the ultra-cool radio-controlled snake from Uncle Milton. It looks and moves just like a real snake! This R/C snake is over 20-inches-long and will slither along on any hard, smooth surface like your kitchen floor or any hallway. The snake's eyes light up and the tongue flicks in and out to give it added reptilian realism. You'll swear it's the real thing! This gadget also comes with a 3-piece Jungle Challenge obstacle course so you can practice taming your remote control snake using the snake-egg shaped remote control. Uncle Milton's R/C Snake comes in two different species: Banana Boa and Green Mamba, let us select a color preference for you. Only one snake per purchase. Snake and remote each require 2 batteries, not included. Adult assistance recommended.