The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Web Slinger

from Hasbro

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Product Information

What It Is

Kids can fire webs just like Spider-Man with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Web Slinger. Attach the web slinger to your wrist, then load the foam balls with the web net attached. Pull back on the trigger and let go to watch the web fly. The web travels about six to eight feet.

Is It Fun?

With this roleplay toy, kids can shoot webs just like their favorite superhero and reenact scenes from the new The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. However, this isn't really a blaster toy. The web doesn't travel very far, and it is small, so it's really more of a toy to use with Spider-Man action figures, which are sold separately.

Who It’s For

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Web Slinger is for Spider-Man fans ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional The Amazing Spider-Man 2 roleplay toys are available and sold separately.


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