Prank Star Squirt Phone

from Skyrocket Toys

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Product Information

What It Is

With the Prank Star Squirt Phone, you can pretend to take someone's picture on the phone but really squirt them with water. Fill the pretend phone with water and close the lid. Then press the button in the center of the phone's screen and water will shoot out the back of the phone about eight to 10 feet.

Is It Fun?

While we love the idea of a prank cell phone, the execution of this one did not meet what we were hoping for. The lid on the phone doesn't close tightly, so water leaks out. You also can't fit this phone in your pocket because the button sticks out so far, so it's hard to keep this prank phone hidden from your intended target.

Who It’s For

The Squirt Phone is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Skyrocket's Prank Star division makes other prank toys, including the Fart Piano and Poo-Dough, which are sold separately.


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