Monsters University Monster Hide-and-Seek

from Golden Books/Disney

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Product Information

  • Monsters University Monster Hide-and-Seek published by Golden Books/Disney
  • Written by: Bill Scollon
  • Illustrated by: Olga Mosqueda and Grace Lee
  • We recommend this book for kids ages 1 and up

What It Is

Monsters University Monster Hide-and-Seek is a 12-page board book based on the movie Monsters University. In this book, written by Bill Scollon and illustrated by Olga Mosqueda and Grace Lee, Mike and his friends are playing hide-and-seek. On each page, kids are asked to help Mike find his friends. The book also glows in the dark. Just hold the pages up to a light source for 30 seconds, then turn off the lights to watch them glow.

Is It Fun?

Fans of Monsters University will have fun searching the pages of this sturdy board book to find all of Mike's friends. For kids who haven't seen the movie, this board book offers a nice introduction to the characters.

Who It’s For

Monsters University Monster Hide-and-Seek is for ages 1–4.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Monsters University books are available and sold separately.

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