Little Dinos Don’t Bite

from Picture Window Books

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Product Information

  • Little Dinos Don’t Bite published by Picture Window Books
  • Written by: Michael Dahl
  • Illustrated by: Adam Record
  • We recommend this book for kids ages 2 and up

What It Is

The Little Dinos board book series is designed to teach positive behavior, good manners, and first words to the earliest readers. In Little Dinos Don't Bite, written by Michael Dahl and illustrated by Adam Record, readers meet a little dino with big, sharp teeth. But he has to be careful what he bites. Toys, shoes, chairs, and even his mom are off limits. Instead, the book suggests that the dino bite a snack, such as a juicy apple, a crunchy carrot, or a tasty cracker.

Is It Fun?

This board book will probably appeal most to kids who love dinosaurs, but the lesson within is appropriate for all youngsters. The large fonts and sparse text make it easy for young readers to follow along with the story and identify first words.

Who It’s For

Little Dinos Don't Bite is for ages 2–4.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Little Dino books include Little Dinos Don't Push, Little Dinos Don't Hit, and Little Dinos Don't Yell. Each book is sold separately.


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