Little Dinos Don’t Yell

from Picture Window Books

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Product Information

  • Little Dinos Don’t Yell published by Picture Window Books
  • Written by: Michael Dahl
  • Illustrated by: Adam Record
  • We recommend this book for kids ages 2 and up

What It Is

Little Dinos Don't Yell is a 20-page board book written by Michael Dahl and illustrated by Adam Record. The book teaches preschoolers the importance of using your indoor voice and that it isn't nice to yell, scream, or shout at people. For parents, this book is a short and simple tool to aid your child in understanding when it is and is not appropriate to yell and how to control their volume. While reading the book, you can emphasize the difference in your voice using a loud voice for the big words and a soft voice for the small words.

Is It Fun?

This a cute book with words that are easy for beginner readers to sound out and understand. We also think the descriptors used in the book such as hum, whisper, chat can help to express what does fall under the category of quiet, indoor voices.

Who It’s For

Little Dinos Don't Yell is published by Picture Window Books and its for ages 2–4.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Little Dinos books that teach not to bite, hit, and push are also available and sold separately.


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