Minecraft Papercraft Overworld Minecart Pack

from Jazwares

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Product Information

  • Minecraft Papercraft Overworld Minecart Pack from Jazwares
  • Part of the Minecraft brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 6 and up

What It Is

The Minecraft Papercraft: Overworld Minecart Pack from Jazwares is a craft kit that brings the Minecraft video game into the real world by letting kids build the bricks and objects that are found in the game.

The Minecart Pack comes with everything kids need to build Steve in Iron Armor, a Minecart, Furnace, 2 Pistons, 32 Minecart Tracks, 10 Iron Blocks, 4 TNT Blocks and 4 Redstone Blocks. The kit also includes stickers and Minecraft Mortar tape.

Is It Fun?

In the video game, Minecraft, players dig and mine for raw materials to create blocks that can then be used to build structures.

Who It’s For

This Minecraft Papercraft set is for Minecraft fans, ages 6 and up. It's an arts and crafts style set so kids that like Minecraft and arts and crafts should really enjoy this.

What To Be Aware Of

Kids will need a little bit of patience in assembling the items because while the directions are easy to follow, putting everything together is time consuming. It took us about an hour to build everything in this kit.

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