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What It Is

Style Girls is a new line of 18-inch fashion dolls dressed in stylish but not over-the-top trendy outfits. Each doll comes with a removable headband, purse, and a hairbrush. There are different styles and ethnicities available, and each is sold separately. The dolls are plastic except for their centers, which are soft. Each doll has long hair that can be brushed and styled in different ways. The top eyelashes are also fabric, which is a nice touch. Style Girls' clothes and shoes are removable, so if your child has other dolls in the line, she can mix and match their outfits.

Is It Fun?

There are so many 18-inch fashion dolls to choose from these days, but Style Girls are truly an affordable option and they're nice-looking dolls, so it really is a great value.

Who It’s For

Style Girls are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

These dolls are available at Aldi.